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Source: Light of Egypt

To the ordinary astrologer the Zodiac is simply a band of space,

eighteen degrees wide, in the heavens, the center of which marks
out the pathway of the Sun during the space of one year of 365
days, etc.

The twelve signs are to him simply thirty degrees of the space
(12 times 30 equal 360), bearing the names of the constellations
which once occupied them. Nay, he, as a rule, still imagines in
some sense that the signs (constellations) are still there, and
that the power and potency of the twelve signs is derived from
the stars which occupy the Zodiacal band of the skies.

But this is not so, as any ordinary astronomer well knows. This
single fact, i.e., the gradual shifting of the constellations,
the DISPLACEMENT, let us say, of the starry influx from one sign
to another without any ALLOWANCE being made in the astrologer's
rules for any such change, has been one of the greatest
obstructions to the popular spread of the art among EDUCATED
MINDS. Argues the scientist: The "fiery influence of Aries," if
depending upon the stars of that constellation, ought now to be
shedding forth their caloric from the sign Pisces, and Aries
ought to be lumbering along with the earthy Taurine nature. So,
also, the lords of these signs ought to be changed, but that they
are not can be proved by the fact that our earliest records of
that dim, historic past show, equally as well as your latest
"text-book," that Mars is the lord of Aries--a fiery planet in a
fiery sign; but astrologers still say that Pisces is watery and
INFLUENCE AT ALL. It is not necessary," say these logical
thinkers, "to learn your abstruse science if we can demonstrate
that the very basis upon which your conclusions rest is in every
sense fundamentally false." The scientific facts of the case are
as follows: The influence of the twelve signs, as described by
astrologers, is a delusion, because in all ages they are reported
the same; whereas WE KNOW that every 2,160 years each sign
retrogrades to the extent of thirty degrees, and, as your art
does not make allowance for this, it is false. For, if the
influence of the twelve signs does not emanate from the stars
occupying the space of those signs, it must emanate from
nothing--a doctrine well suited, no doubt, to musty old sages of
your superstitious Chaldea, but quite out of court in our
progressive age--the last decade of our cultured and scientific
nineteenth century.

So far, so good. And so the world rolls along its bright pathway
in the heavens, little heeding the logical conclusions of an
exact science. But to an initiate of those inner principles of
our planet's constitution all these mental conflicts have a
meaning and a purpose within Nature's divine economy; for it is
neither wise nor expedient that the masses, with popular science
in the lead, should grasp the truths which Mother Nature reserves
ALONE for her own devoted priests.

The shining Zodiac, with its myriad constellations and its
perfect galaxy of starry systems, derives its subtle influence,
as impressed astrologically upon the human constitution, from the
solar center of our solar system, NOT FROM THE STARS which occupy
the twelve mansions of space. Aries, the fiery, and PISCES, the
watery, ARE ALWAYS THERE, and, instead of its being an argument
against astrology, it is one of its grandest truths that, in all
ages and in all times, Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac has
been found EVER THE SAME, equally as well as Pisces the last.

In order to convey our meaning, let us digress for a moment and
bring forth a fitting illustration. The condition of our
atmosphere and the surrounding objects--vegetation, etc.--have a
peculiar condition and a magnetism wholly their own when surveyed
exactly at sunrise. There is a freshness and peculiar sense of
buoyancy not visible at any other time. If this state could be
registered by any instrument and compared with any other set
periods during the day, it would offer a remarkable contrast. Two
hours later there is a very different influence, and at noon
there is a wonderful contrast. The same may be said of sunset,
and again at midnight; and, lastly, note the difference two hours
before dawn. This is the coolest period of the whole twenty-four
hours. These are facts, and yet our hearts are all beating to the
same life-flow, and the Earth is no farther away from the parent
Sun; and yet it is the angle at which we, THE INHABITANTS,
receive this Sun's light that makes all the difference between
dawn and sunset, noon and midnight.

When to these facts it is further added that it is sunrise, noon,
sunset and midnight at the same instant, all the time, to some of
the various, different portions of the globe, it demonstrates
most conclusively that the Earth itself is enveloped, so to say,
in a complete circle of conditions very similar to the twelve
signs of the celestial Zodiac.

If we apply the foregoing illustration to the twelve signs of the
Zodiac, we shall see a perfect analogy. We shall find that when
the Sun reaches the celestial equator, so that it is equal day
and equal night on the Earth, that he is on the line of the
celestial horizon; it is cosmic sunrise. Hence Aries, the fiery
Azoth, begins his active influx, and extends for thirty degrees,
equal to two hours of the natural day.

It is the fiery red streams of awakening life that we all
manifest at sunrise; then comes a change of magnetic polarity
after the first fiery flush of cosmic life; the gleeful
chattering of the birds and the cackling of the poultry. A
reaction is noted; all things before active become restful and

So it is with vegetation, so it is with infant life, and so it is
with cosmic conditions.

This corresponds with the sign Taurus. It is the solar influx,
thirty degrees removed from his point of equilibrium toward the
North. As this sign represents the powers of absorption, we see
that at this period vegetable and animal life is quietly
absorbing, for its own use, the fiery streams of solar life.

Again we view the activity of solar influx from a different angle
and change of polarity, and all things become active, It is
executive force. This corresponds to the sign Gemini. It is the
solar influx, sixty degrees removed from his point of
equilibrium. Then comes another change of magnetic polarity. It
is rest from labor; it is noon. This corresponds to Cancer. The
analogy is perfect. It is the solar influx, ninety degrees
removed from his point of equilibrium toward the North, and the
highest point in the arc of his apparent journey and of cosmic
life. It is the equilibrium of life forces.

Again the fiery influx begins its activity, and, as the hottest
part of the day is about two hours after noon, or middle of the
day, so is solar influx most potent at this point in the Zodiac.

This corresponds to the sign Leo. It is the solar influx, removed
120 degrees from his point of equilibrium and thirty degrees
toward the South. And so on month after month, until the last
one, Pisces, which well corresponds to the watery skies of
February and the lifeless period two hours before dawn of a new
day upon the Earth, a new year to man and a new cycle in the
starry heavens. The Zodiac, then, as it applies to the human
constitution and the science of astrology, has its foundation in
the Sun, the center and source of life to the planet; and the
twelve signs are the twelve great spaces of our Earth's annual
orbit about her solar parent, each one typical of its month, and
each month typical of its corresponding action upon our Earthy

As each sunrise is different in its aspects, so are no two signs
of the Zodiac alike. The sunrise on the first of March is wholly
different from the sunrise upon the first of May. So is the
beginning and ending of each sign, and the beginning and ending
of each natural day, peculiar unto itself.

When we reflect upon the inner laws of this action and
interaction, we come nearer and nearer to the one great occult

We find a perfect analogy between the destiny, the life, and
expression of life on the Earth, and the life and material
destiny of embodied man. He, too, has his sunrise, the beginning
of a new day of life, the seedtime, the flowering season, when
life wears a roseate hue; the ripening fruits of experience, his
harvest-time--it may be tares or golden grain; his gradual decay,
the ebbing of the life forces and the icy winter of death; his
gentle zephyrs and destructive hurricanes, floods and tempests,
periods of drought and plenty. Within his triune constitution
there are spring tides and low tides of physical, intellectual
and spiritual forces. Man also makes the annual journey about the
solar center, when, at the beginning of each new year to him, the
life forces of his soul are renewed, regalvanized, so to say,
according to the magnetic polarity of his constitution.

And so, every form of life has its Zodiac, its orbit of life and
destiny. It may be infinitesimal, or vast beyond conception, each
in its own peculiar plane. So we see that, the whole visible
universe is one vast organism, the medium of expression for the
invisible, real universe-- the soul and God, the great central
Sun, the eternal center of all life, binding the whole into
unity--ONE LIFE.

The celestial signs of the shining Zodiac have no existence to us
apart from the graceful and unwearying motion of our Mother
Earth. She alone makes our seasons, years and destiny; and she
alone, by her motion about the Sun, determines the thrones and
mansions of the planetary powers.

The astrological Zodiac of a Saturn or a Mars cannot be like
ours. Their years and seasons are peculiar to themselves and
their material conditions; hence the twelve constellations have
no existence as objective facts of concrete formation or cosmic
potentiality. No! But as unalterable symbols of occult truth, the
starry pictures of the shining constellations have an eternal
verity. They pertain to the living realities of the human soul
and its varied experience.

What the mysteries are, and what connection they have with the
twelve constellations, will form the subject of our next chapter.


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