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Source: Light of Egypt

There is one species of Divine revelation which has not, and
cannot, be tampered with, one great Bible, which forms the starry
original of all Bibles.

This sacred Bible is the great Astral Bible of the skies; its
chapters are the twelve great signs, its pages are the
innumerable glittering constellations of the heavenly vault, and
its characters are the personified ideals of the radiant Sun, the
silvery moon, and the shining planets, of our solar sphere.

There are three different aspects of this sacred book, and in
each aspect the same characters appear, but in different roles,
their dress and natural surroundings being suited to the natural
play of their symbolical parts. In fact, the whole imagery may be
likened unto a play, or, rather, a series of plays, performed by
the same company of artists. It may be a comedy, or it may be
melodrama, or it may be a tragedy; but the principles behind the
scenes are ever the same, and show forth the same Divine Oneness
of Nature; demonstrating the eternal axiom. ONE TRUTH, ONE LIFE,
ONE PRINCIPLE, AND ONE WORD, and in their fourfold expression, is
the four great chapters of the celestial book of the starry

In this aspect the visible cosmos may be represented as a
kaleidoscope. The visible constellations, planets, and other
heavenly bodies, are the bits of colored glass; and Deity the
invisible force, which keeps the instrument in motion. Each
revolution produces a different pictorial figure, which, complete
in its harmony of parts, is perfect in its mathematical
proportions, and beautiful in its geometrical designs. And yet
each creation, each form, and each combination of forms, are
produced by the same little pieces of glass; and all of them, in
reality, are optical illusions; i.e., natural phenomena, which
deceive the physical senses. So it is with Cosmic Nature.

It must not, however, be supposed, because of this perfect and
continual illusion of Nature's playful phenomena, that all
visible creation is purely an illusion of the senses, as some
cranky metaphysicians would have it, because this is not so.

Going back again to our kaleidoscope, we can clearly see that
without it, and its tinted beads, no such optical illusion is
possible. There is, then, a basis of spiritual reality to all
visible physical phenomena; but this basis lies concealed,
because of the perfect illusion which the reflected image
produces upon the material plane of the physical senses. The
beads themselves are real. These are the basis, and the different
pictures are the result, not of the beads, but of the angle from
which they are reflected to our earthly vision. In other words,

Hence, the nearer we approach the Divine center of our being, the
less complicated Nature's original designs become, and the
farther we are removed from that central source, the more weird,
mysterious, complicated, and incomprehensible, does Mother Nature
appear, to the finite human mind. And this is especially so, to
man's theological instinct, his religiosity, that constitutes one
of the fundamental factors of his being.

Nature is ever one in her original truths and their duplicate
reflections; but ever conflicting and contradictory in her
multiplied refractions through the minds of men. Therefore, we
will present the primary concept of that grand Astro-Theology
formulated by man's great progenitors; and view the simple
machinery, by which they typified to the primitive mind a general
outline of Nature's Divine providence.

All sacred books begin with an account of physical creation, the
culmination of which, is the appearance of man and woman, as the
parents of the race; and, while they will differ considerably in
detail and make-up, the basic ideas embodied are essentially the
same in all cosmo-genesis; so that in the Jewish Bible,
accessible to all, one can read the primitive story of creation
from a Jewish point of view, and, when read, rest satisfied that
he has read the revelation vouchsafed to man in every age and in
every clime. The only difference is one of mental peculiarity and
national custom, along with climatic conditions. Hindoo,
Chaldean, Chinese, Persian, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Druidic and
ancient Mexican are all the same--different names and drapery, to
suit the people only, but essentially the same in the fundamental
ideas conveyed.


The simple story of creation begins at midnight, when the Sun has
reached the lowest point in the arc--Capricorn. All Nature then
is in a state of coma in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter
time, solar light and heat are at their lowest ebb; and the
various appearances of motion, etc., are the Sun's passage from
Capricorn to Pisces, 60 degrees, and from Pisces to Aries, 30
degrees, making 90 degrees, or one quadrant of the circle. Then
begin in real earnest the creative powers, it is spring time. The
six days are the six signs of the northern arc, beginning with
the disruptive fires of Aries. Then, in their order, Taurus,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo; then Libra, the seventh day and the
seventh sign, whose first point is opposite Aries and is the
opposite point of the sphere, the point of equilibrium, equal day
and equal night, it is autumn. It is the sixth sign from Aries,
the first creative action, and so the sixth day following the
fiery force, wherein God created the bi-sexual man. See Genesis,
1:5-27: "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God
created He him, male and female created He them."

It is the seventh, or day of the Lord (man), the climax of
material creation and Lord of all living things, and be rests in
the blissful Garden of Eden. This seventh day and seventh sign is
the concealed sacred Libra the perfect union of the sexes. Then
comes the fall from Libra, through Scorpio, and banishment from
the Garden of Eden. That is the victory of Satan, or Winter, over
Summer, etc. It is useless to repeat the same old, old story. The
yearly journey of the Sun around the constellated dial of Deity
is the Astro basis of all primitive cosmology.


In addition to the creation of the world and the fall of man
through sin, we find all people in possession of a grand scheme
of redemption, and, like the former, we shall find them all
essentially the same. They all require a mediator between the
angry God and disobedient man, and they all require that this
mediator shall be Divine, or semi-Divine. Nothing less can
satisfy Deity's demands; or, rather, let us say man's own carnal
imagination. It is simply another turn of our cosmic
kaleidoscope, and behold! the actors have changed. Capricorn
becomes the stable of the Goat, in the manger of which the young
Savior of the world is born. As a type of all, we will take the
Gospel Savior. It is again midnight. The Sun enters the sign
Capricorn on the twenty- first of December. This is the lowest
point of the arc, South, and for three days he is stationary, or
in darkness. And now it is Christmas Eve. He (the Sun or Savior)
begins to move, and at midnight is born as the celestial Virgo is
rising upon the Eastern quadrant of the skies; hence the Sun-God
is born of a Virgin. Then comes the flight to escape Kronos, or
Saturn (ruling Capricorn), who kills the young babes. There is a
period of silence in the God's history while the Sun is in
transit through the signs Capricorn and part of Aquarius. That
is, he is hidden or obscured by the clouded skies of this period.
We hear of him but once again until he, the Sun-God, or Savior,
is thirty years old, or has transited thirty degrees of space. He
has entered the sign Aquarius (symbolical of the Man.) Now begins
the period of miracles.

Let us digress for a space, and refer to our chapter on the
constellations. We shall find a perfect analogy between this
miracle- working period and the constellations Aquarius and
Pisces, as therein given. The first miracle we read of is turning
water into wine. This may be seen in a threefold aspect. The
Sun-God changes by his life- forces the waters of winter into the
rich vintage of the harvest, where the Virgin (Virgo) Mother
again appears. Again, the wine becomes the blood--the life
offered up on the vernal cross to strengthen, renew and make
merry with new life our Earth and its people. The devil (or
winter), with his powers of darkness, is defeated and man saved.
The final triumph is the crucifixion in Aries, the vernal
equinox, about the twenty-first of March, quickly followed by the
resurrection, or renewal of life. Then the God rises into heaven,
to sit upon the throne at the summer solstice, to bless his
people. We read, that, the Savior of mankind was crucified
between two thieves. Very good. The equinoctial point is the
dividing line between light and darkness, winter and summer. In
other words, the Sun is resuming his northern arc, to replenish
the Earth with his solar force and preserve his people from death
in the coming winter. The life of a Buddha, a Krishna or a
Christ, are all found in their completeness in the life of Horus;
while the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are Isis, Horus and Osirus.
The same trinity, under different names, are found in all
nations. It is the Sun, Moon and Human Soul, which is the only
true mediator of Man.

There is another version of this celestial crucifixion, wherein
the Sun-God-Savior, after the supper of the harvest in Virgo, is
crucified at the autumnal equinox upon the equator. We read that
he was dying from the sixth to the ninth hours--three hours,
three signs, or from the 21st of September to the 21st of
December, when he is laid in the tomb. This is the lowest point
of the Sun's journey in the southern hemisphere, and darkness
holds the balance in our northern hemisphere. The three days in
the tomb are the three months, or three signs, before the vernal
equinox, or the resurrection, the rising out of the South to
bring salvation to the northern portion of our Earth.

We have now only to glance over various diverging lines of the
same cosmology and the same redemption. All these allegories
typified TRUTHS. They all teach the Initiate the mysteries of
creation, of man's destiny and his necessary Cycle of Material
Probation. Some of the most beautiful parables may be read in
this light. Abraham, and the story of his wanderings in the
deserts of Asia Minor; of Lot and his unfaithful wife, are to be
seen still written in the heavens. Hagar and Ishmael are still
there; so also are Esau and his brother Jacob; the story of
Joseph and his brethren; of Sampson and his twelve labors. This
is the same beautiful story. The Sun, shorn of his glory, or
solar force, at the autumnal equinox, stands upon the equator
between the two pillars of the temple (or light and darkness),
and pulls down the temple (or signs) into the southern
hemisphere. And behind this we have the eternal truth of the
soul, when, giving way to the allurements of matter (Delilah),
the soul is shorn of its spiritual covering, or conscience, and
sinks into matter and death. And the story of David and Goliath
can be read to-day as clearly as of yore.

They are eternal, spiritual verities of human nature, and record,
not only the history of the human race, its mutations and
transmutations, but of the individual man and the suffering and
delusive joys of his material life. Aye, more! It is the record
of all his past existence and a type of his eternal destiny in
the future.

Another turn of our cosmic kaleidoscope, and lo! the scene
changes --the play extended, the angles greater, caused by the
revolution of our solar parent through his celestial Zodiac. As
the Sun passes out of one sign into another, or, in other words,
forms a different angle to his own center of force, a new
dispensation is born to the world; or, rather, re-born under a
new guise. The great Sun-God appears to change his nature and
manifests an entirely different set of attributes. That is the
way man personified this play of Nature, through his imperfect
conception of the cause of this change. But to him it was, and
is, a truth, and man's effort to externalize these attributes in
a Divine personality was, and is, strictly from the plane of his
mental development and spiritual unfoldment.

The two pictures of this Astro-Theology, as set forth in the two
divisions of the Jewish Bible, will illustrate our meaning. The
Sun had entered the sign Aries some time prior to the exodus from
Egypt. Aries is the constellation of Mars, the fiery, destructive
and warrior element, or force, in Nature, and we find the Jewish
conception of God a perfect embodiment of these attributes: The
Lord of Hosts, a God mighty in battle, delighting in the shedding
of blood and the smell of burnt offerings, ever marshalling the
people to battle and destroying their foes and the works of his
own hands; a God imbued with jealousy, anger, and revenge. This
was the type set up by the Jewish savior and lawgiver, Moses.

After a period of 2,160 years, we find the Christian cosmology
ushered in. The Sun has entered the sign Pisces, which is ruled
by Jupiter, the beneficent father. The Christ, or mediator, of
the Christian Gospel was an embodiment of the joint qualities of
the sign and ruling planet. Gentle, loving and merciful, His
words were messages of love and peace; His work was with the
poor, oppressed and fallen; he eschewed sacrifices and burnt
offerings; a contrite heart was the best offering; He taught the
people that God was their Father, loving all, just, yet merciful.
But a strong taint of the old conception has remained with the
human race, hiding, at times, the beauty of the latter concept.
These are, again, the refractions of eternal truths, viewed by
man from his material plane. The elements are here presented, the
alphabet and its key clearly defined. Therefore, let each one
explore this tangled labyrinth of Astro-Theology for him or
herself, and work out the various correspondencies at leisure. It
is enough to indicate the starry originals of all this seemingly
confused mass of so-called Divine revelation in sacred books.

They, one and all, pertain to the same celestial phenomena, and
the various Bibles are the outcome of man's serious attempt to
tabulate and externalize this heavenly order, to record his
conceptions of these starry aspects and movements with their
corresponding effects upon the Earth.

Probably the purest system to us is that which may yet be derived
from Chaldean sources. This sacerdotal caste were the most
perfect in their astral conceptions and complete in their
symbolic system of recording, and if the great work found in King
Sargon's library in seventy tablets is ever translated, it will
prove of priceless value to the student of these weird, but
sublime, astrological mysteries.

In conclusion, as we reflect upon the fourfold aspect of the
subject that we have presented in outline in these pages, the
whole imagery passes in review before the mental vision. We see
that the radiant constellations of the heavenly vault, with the
beautiful reflection and counterpart, the shining Zodiac, are the
two halves of the great Cycle of Necessity, the spiral of
eternal, universal life, which binds the whole into unity, and
unity into infinity. It is the grand scheme of creative life. The
seven principles of Nature, or Divine Activities, are the forces
producing the phenomena within seven angelic states, seven
kingdoms, and, by seven planets, upon the external plane; the
planets being the passive mediums of the positive spiritual
forces. Upon this dual spiral, which reflects the seven rays of
the solar spectrum is produced seven musical notes; one half of
the spiral in sound and color being the complementary of the
other half. Man, the Earth, and our solar system, are revolving,
each orb in its own key, and its own peculiar ray, meeting and
blending with other spirals, and the whole blending into one
mighty spiral Cycle of Progressive Life, revolving around the
Eternal, Infinite Ego-God, ever involving and evolving the
attributes, powers and possibilities of the One great central
source of Being.

It is a grand orchestra, pealing out in richest melody and
sublime HARMONY, the grand Anthem of Creation: "We Praise Thee, O



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