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To The Waters And Light Of The Moon

Source: Sacred Books Of The East

As the sea Vouru-kasha is the gathering place of the waters, rising up
and going down, up the aerial way and down the earth, down the earth and
up the aerial way: Thus rise up and roll along! thou in whose rising and
growing Ahura Mazda made the earth. Up! rise up, thou Moon, that dost
keep in thee the seed of the bull; rise up above Hara Berezaiti, and
produce light for the world, and mayest thou, O man! rise up there, if
thou art to abide in Garo-nmanem, along the path made by Mazda, along
the way made by the gods, the watery way they opened. And the Holy Word
shall keep away the evil: Of thee, O child! I will cleanse the birth and
growth; of thee, O woman! I will make the body and the strength pure; I
make thee rich in children and rich in milk; rich in seed, in milk, in
fat, in marrow, and in offspring. I shall bring to thee a thousand pure
springs, running towards the pastures that give food to the child.

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