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To The Waters And Light Of The Sun

Source: Sacred Books Of The East

"As the sea Vouru-kasha is the gathering place of the waters, rising up
and going down, up the aerial way and down the earth, down the earth and
up the aerial way: thus rise up and roll along! thou in whose rising and
growing Ahura Mazda made the aerial way. Up! rise up and roll along!
thou swift-horsed Sun, above Hara Berezaiti, and produce light for the
world, and mayest thou, O man! rise up there, if thou art to abide in
Garo-nmanem, along the path made by Mazda, along the way made by the
gods, the watery way they opened. And the Holy Word shall keep away the
evil. Of thee, O child! I will cleanse the birth and growth; of thee, O
woman! I will make the body and the strength pure; I make thee rich in
children and rich in milk; rich in seed, in milk, in fat, in marrow, and
in offspring. I shall bring to thee a thousand pure springs, running
towards the pastures that give food to the child."

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