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To Vayu

Source: Sacred Books Of The East

Come hither, O Vayu, thou beautiful one! These Somas are ready, drink of
them, hear our call! O Vayu, the praisers celebrate thee with hymns,
they who know the feast-days, and have prepared the Soma. O Vayu, thy
satisfying stream goes to the worshipper, wide-reaching, to the
Soma-draught. O Indra and Vayu, these libations of Soma are poured out;
come hither for the sake of our offerings, for the drops of Soma long
for you. O Indra and Vayu, you perceive the libations, you who are rich
in booty; come then quickly hither! O Vayu and Indra, come near to the
work of the sacrificer, quick, thus is my prayer, O ye men! I call
Mitra, endowed with holy strength, and Varuna, who destroys all enemies;
who both fulfil a prayer accompanied by fat offerings. On the right way,
O Mitra and Varuna, you have obtained great wisdom, you who increase the
right and adhere to the right; These two sages, Mitra and Varuna, the
mighty, wide-ruling, give us efficient strength.

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