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Source: Light of Egypt

At this point of our study it is necessary to make a halt; and,
before proceeding further, to attempt to formulate and realize
that, which, so far, we have been pursuing.

First, then, we have passed in review the Zodiac, and then the
constellations. From this we mentally surveyed both
Astro-Theology and Astro-Mythology; and now, it is our first duty
to realize these in their real significance, and this consists in
a clear comprehension of the Grand Law of Correspondences.

What is this law? It is the law of symbolism, and symbolism,
rightly understood, is the one Divine language of Mother Nature,
a language wherein all can read, a language that defies the
united efforts of both time and space to obliterate it, for
symbolism will be the language of Nature as long as spirit
expresses itself to the Divine soul of man.

No matter where we turn nor where we look, there is spread out to
our view a vast panorama of symbolic forms for us to read. In
whatever form, angle, or color they present themselves, the true
student of Nature can interpret and understand their symbolic
language aright. It has been by the personification of Nature's
symbols, that man has become ignorant of their language. There is
no form, sound, nor color but what has its laws of expression;
and only a perfect knowledge of symbolism will enable man to know
the law, power, and meaning, lying behind such manifestations.
The law of expression is exact, and as unalterable as Deity
Himself. The physical senses cannot vibrate to these interior
forces, and through them, comprehend their law. The physical
senses vibrate to the spirit's expression, not to the powers,
forces, and laws, which brought them into objective existence.

Countless numbers of mystics, if such they deserve to be called,
among present-day students, speak and write very learnedly upon
the "Law of Correspondence," and few, if any, of them really
understand or know anything at all of that law. The intellect
alone cannot solve the problems of this law. It cannot grasp the
true, interior and spiritual meaning, except in just so far as
intellect is capable of externalizing them. The inmost spiritual
truths, that cannot be demonstrated to the outward senses, never
have, nor never will, appeal to any one who has not the interior
ability to comprehend them.

There was a time when men ruled by pure intellect, without its
accompanying other half, intuition: they were looked upon as
monstrosities. This state of purely intellectual development has
been brought about by the positive, masculine principle, reason,
absorbing its counterpart, the intuition, the feminine portion;
and the result, by correspondence, is as fatal as upon the
interior plane, where the positive, masculine soul denies the
existence of his mate; thus setting upon his throne, only a
portion of himself as his idol, and then, reasons himself into
the belief that he is complete. Love has been cast out, ignored
and forgotten until at last she departs, leaving a vacancy, that
eternity cannot fill.

This is somewhat similar to their illusive Devachan, an ideal, a
mere mystical sentiment to gush over, but a something they do not
in reality comprehend. Therefore, we shall do our utmost to
explain this universal law, and to point out wherein its first
principles are manifest. Once these are mastered, the Golden Rule
will explain all the rest: "As it is below, so it is above; as on
the earth, so in the sky."

Here, then, is our first lesson on the subject of REALITY, which
constitutes the Hermetic science of Correspondences.

First, realize that a line or an angle, for instance, is
something more than its mere mathematical outline. It corresponds
to some power, force, or principle within the great Anima-Mundi
of the mysteries, that are trying to find expression, in their
evolutionary journey, in forms. Let us illustrate our meaning. A
point or dot is what? Well, externally it is the alpha of all
mathematics. It is the first finite manifestation of the
spiritual force. Within that dot lies concealed, in embryo, all
the future possibilities of the manifesting principle.

This dot or point is a something to begin with, a form
externalized, from which all future forms may spring forth, and
they may be infinite, both in number and variety. First a
primary, simple idea, from which all ideas and thoughts,
intricate and complex, have their being.

A point extended is a straight line, scientifically expressed
(whereas in real truth there is no such thing as a straight
line); that is to say, it is a form increased or multiplied by
itself, and therefore, is an extension in space that can be
measured, and each extension means a new form, an additional
symbol. It has taken on new aspects, new relations, hence
contains the second principle of mathematics, so to say; but,
besides being points, THEY ARE SYMBOLS. They are principles in
Nature as clearly related to each other as the leaf and the stem
of plant life.

Each monad, or point in the universe, is the beginning of
something; equally so, it is also the termination of its own
forces in that particular action, and will remain inert until it
becomes acted upon by something else.

A point, then, is a primary, simple idea, a straight line. An
angle is the same idea, rendered greater and more complex, and
refers to the same forces upon a different plane, and the more we
multiply the angles the more complex and far-reaching becomes the
symbol and the more numerous and diverse become its planes of
action. Here we will introduce an example. A trine represents
three forces or angles, and, when united, form a trinity, hence
harmony. Its apex (when above) is celestial, therefore represents
the male forces of spirit.

A trine reversed also represents the same forces, with its apex
in matter, hence it is negative. In these two complex ideas,
clearly represented by these symbols, we have ALL matter and
spirit; and yet they are but extensions of our point in space,
rendered far-reaching and complex, by the position and the number
of angles presented.

Let us turn the key once again, and we find that, both spirit and
matter possess the same outline in their primal concept, except
reversed (polarized).

Let us unite these two trines, and we have a still more potent
form; a symbol almost infinitely complex. We have spirit and
matter united, or, rather, three rays of force, positive, meeting
three rays of force, negative, at a given point. Thus we have six
points, also six sides, the ultimate of which is a cube. All are
now equal. It is the first force of a crystallization (creation)
of matter.

Once again let us turn the key, and we have our two conceptions
in a metaphysical sense; the trine with its apex above is as the
trine with its apex below, both the same in form, yet vibrating
to very different planes, and a very different language is
required to read and interpret their meaning aright. The
spiritual, or the trine with its apex above, draws its influence
from the celestial, and as it condenses and takes on form in the
trine of matter, it transmits this same Divine force through its
apex, which points below, to matter. The double trine is found
upon every plane, obeying the Divine Law of Correspondences.

It is, in this sense, called "Solomon's Seal," because it is the
grand hieroglyphic of the Hermetic law: "As it is above, so it is
below; as on the Earth, so in the sky."

To continue this line of reasoning, or speculation, let us say,
would lead us beyond the firm basis of human reason; it would
escape the grasp of intellect, to which I am compelling this
course of instruction to bend, but it would never take us beyond
the real limits of the universe; yet, not to extend our
investigations, we would ever remain in the lower trine, in the
realms of effects, and lose sight entirely of the trine of
spirit, from whence originated the force and potency in the form
of matter.

Therefore it is, that the science of Symbolism has been evolved
and formulated. The symbols, the manifestations, are ever
present, and the study of effects will, to a developed soul,
suggest the cause, the nature of the principle back of it, as
well as the law which would produce such effects. Such is the
science of symbolism; and it bounds and binds back into a
religio-philosophical system, each class of symbols and each
plane of manifestation; as securely as modern savants have
defined the province of chemistry, magnetism, and mathematics;
and, so far, these bounds are useful. But it is only a question
of time and space, after all, because, when resolved back, or,
let us say, evolved up into their abstract principles; chemistry,
magnetism, and mathematics, are purely arbitrary terms to express
special features of the same one eternal thing or science--which
is EXISTENCE; and it, in turn, is CONSCIOUSNESS; not that
external consciousness of existence, not that knowledge and love
of living, but that interior, conscious knowledge, which tells us
why and how we exist, by what force and power we are sustained
and permitted to obey and carry out the law of mediumship,
reception and transmission, attraction and repulsion, spiritual
and material, that ultimately blend and become as one, the double
trine, and, united with the Divine Ego of its being, becomes
complete; seven, the perfected number of form.

The sum total, then, of all, and the value it may possess to the
individual, is measured by his ability to perceive; for there is
nothing external that is not in some sense mental, and there is
nothing mental that is not in some sense spiritual. The sides of
the triangle, physical, mental, and spiritual, and the apex where
meet the mental and spiritual, forms the center of contact to
higher trines in realms above.

Where mind is not, there are no symbols, no ideas, no
manifestations. The spirit has not yet reached that point in its
evolutionary journey where it can yet crystallize its projected
force, power, or ideas, into forms; for everything that is, is
the outcome of Divine thought, and expresses within itself the
symbol of its being. This is the arcana of the Law of

Remember the above teaching, because upon its full comprehension
rests the ability to read symbols aright. It will aid the soul to
fully realize that, the vast universe is but the mental image of
the Creator; that there is no such thing as manifested existence
apart from mind; and consequently, the infinite worlds that float
securely in space, blushing and scintillating with light of life
and love of the Father, revealing to mortal minds some faint
conception of the awful resources and recesses within Nature's
star-making laboratory, are but the scintillating reflection of
life, the reactions of mental phenomena. So, too, with the mental
creative powers of the mind of man, for, not a vibration that
proceeds from his every thought but what creates its
correspondence in the creative realm of spirit. Hence, symbolism
continues giving to the soul of man, throughout eternity, food
for thought and contemplation.

All symbols, then, are objectified ideas, whether human or
Divine; and as such possess a real meaning; and this meaning is
altered, extended and rendered more complex with every additional
thing or influence by which we find it surrounded, or with which,
we find it correlated. For instance, $1.00 means one dollar; add
six ciphers to the left 0000001., and it is still the same $1.00,
and no more, because their position is previous, or before, the
1. But add the same number of ciphers to the right, $1,000000,
and lo! we find a wondrous change of force, power, and
consequence. We see all the mighty power of our million of money,
and the possibilities and responsibilities with which, in these
days, it becomes associated.

So it is with everything else in Nature. Man pays the penalty by
increased responsibility, for every step in knowledge that be
takes, as well as every dollar in gold be procures. Dollars, as
well as talents, have to be accounted for, and their usefulness
increased tenfold. The dollars must not be buried nor hoarded any
more than our talents, but each, unfolded and doubled, so that we
may be instrumental in helping our coworkers in their upward
path, in the Cycle of Necessity. Knowledge is the basic
foundation in reading Nature's language. Purity of thought, truth
in motive, and unselfish benevolence, will lift the veil that now
lies between the two trines, cause and effect, spirit and matter.

We have given the key and explained the alphabet of this wondrous
law; therefore we close. Each must, by the same rules, work out
the special links in the chain for him or herself. The angle from
which each take their view determines the reading and
interpretation of the symbols presented, whether that be from the
apex, the sides or the base, for every symbol has its trinity in
principles and form. Cause and effect are but the action and
reaction; the result is the symbol which reveals the
correspondence of both.



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