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The Outcast

When Bhagavat dwelt at Savatthi in the Jetavana, he went out with
his alms-bowl to beg for food and approached the house of a
Brahman priest while the fire of an offering was blazing upon the
altar. And the priest said: "Stay there, O shaveling; stay there,
O wretched samana; thou art an outcast."

The Blessed One replied: "Who is an outcast?

"An outcast is the man who is angry and bears hatred; the man who
is wicked and hypocritical, he who embraces error and is full of

"Whosoever is a provoker and is avaricious, has evil desires, is
envious, wicked, shameless, and without fear to commit wrong, let
him be known as an outcast.

"Not by birth does one become an outcast, not by birth does one
become a Brahman; by deeds one becomes an outcast, by deeds one
becomes a Brahman."

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