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The Tao That Can Be Trodden Is Not The Enduring And Unchanging

(conceived Of As) Having No Name, It Is The Originator Of Heave

Always Without Desire We Must Be Found, If Its Deep Mystery

Under These Two Aspects, It Is Really The Same; But As Developm

All In The World Know The Beauty Of The Beautiful, And In Doin

So It Is That Existence And Non-existence Give Birth The One To

Therefore The Sage Manages Affairs Without Doing Anything, And

All Things Spring Up, And There Is Not One Which Declines To Sh

Not To Value And Employ Men Of Superior Ability Is The Way To

Therefore The Sage, In The Exercise Of His Government, Empties

He Constantly (tries To) Keep Them Without Knowledge And Withou

The Tao Is (like) The Emptiness Of A Vessel; And In Our Employ

We Should Blunt Our Sharp Points, And Unravel The Complications

I Do Not Know Whose Son It Is It Might Appear To Have Been Bef

Heaven And Earth Do Not Act From (the Impulse Of) Any Wish To

May Not The Space Between Heaven And Earth Be Compared To A Bel

The Valley Spirit Dies Not, Aye The Same; The Female Mystery

Heaven Is Long-enduring And Earth Continues Long The Reason W

Therefore The Sage Puts His Own Person Last, And Yet It Is Foun

The Highest Excellence Is Like (that Of) Water The Excellence

The Excellence Of A Residence Is In (the Suitability Of) The Pl

And When (one With The Highest Excellence) Does Not Wrangle (ab

It Is Better To Leave A Vessel Unfilled, Than To Attempt To Ca

When Gold And Jade Fill The Hall, Their Possessor Cannot Keep T

0 When The Intelligent And Animal Souls Are Held Together In On

In Loving The People And Ruling The State, Cannot He Proceed Wi

(the Tao) Produces (all Things) And Nourishes Them; It Produces

The Thirty Spokes Unite In The One Nave; But It Is On The Empty

Colour's Five Hues From Th' Eyes Their Sight Will Take; Mus

Therefore The Sage Seeks To Satisfy (the Craving Of) The Belly,

Favour And Disgrace Would Seem Equally To Be Feared; Honour An

What Is Meant By Speaking Thus Of Favour And Disgrace? Disgrac

Therefore He Who Would Administer The Kingdom, Honouring It As

We Look At It, And We Do Not See It, And We Name It 'the Equab

Its Upper Part Is Not Bright, And Its Lower Part Is Not Obscure

We Meet It And Do Not See Its Front; We Follow It, And Do Not S

The Skilful Masters (of The Tao) In Old Times, With A Subtle A

Shrinking Looked They Like Those Who Wade Through A Stream In W

Who Can (make) The Muddy Water (clear)? Let It Be Still, And I

They Who Preserve This Method Of The Tao Do Not Wish To Be Full

The (state Of) Vacancy Should Be Brought To The Utmost Degree,

The Report Of That Fulfilment Is The Regular, Unchanging Rule

In The Highest Antiquity, (the People) Did Not Know That There

How Irresolute Did Those (earliest Rulers) Appear, Showing (by

When The Great Tao (way Or Method) Ceased To Be Observed, Bene

When Harmony No Longer Prevailed Throughout The Six Kinships, F

If We Could Renounce Our Sageness And Discard Our Wisdom, It W

Those Three Methods (of Government) Thought Olden Ways In El

0 When We Renounce Learning We Have No Troubles The (ready)

The Multitude Of Men Look Satisfied And Pleased; As If Enjoying

The Grandest Forms Of Active Force From Tao Come, Their Onl

The Partial Becomes Complete; The Crooked, Straight; The Empty

Therefore The Sage Holds In His Embrace The One Thing (of Humil

That Saying Of The Ancients That 'the Partial Becomes Complete'

Abstaining From Speech Marks Him Who Is Obeying The Spontaneit

Therefore When One Is Making The Tao His Business, Those Who Ar

Hence, Those With Whom He Agrees As To The Tao Have The Happine

He Who Stands On His Tiptoes Does Not Stand Firm; He Who Stretc

There Was Something Undefined And Complete, Coming Into Existe

I Do Not Know Its Name, And I Give It The Designation Of The Ta

Great, It Passes On (in Constant Flow) Passing On, It Becomes

Man Takes His Law From The Earth; The Earth Takes Its Law From

Gravity Is The Root Of Lightness; Stillness, The Ruler Of Move

Therefore A Wise Prince, Marching The Whole Day, Does Not Go Fa

The Skilful Traveller Leaves No Traces Of His Wheels Or Footst

Therefore The Man Of Skill Is A Master (to Be Looked Up To) By

Who Knows His Manhood's Strength, Yet Still His Female Feeb

The Unwrought Material, When Divided And Distributed, Forms Ves

If Any One Should Wish To Get The Kingdom For Himself, And To

The Course And Nature Of Things Is Such That What Was In Fro

0 He Who Would Assist A Lord Of Men In Harmony With The Tao Wil

Wherever A Host Is Stationed, Briars And Thorns Spring Up In T

A Skilful (commander) Strikes A Decisive Blow, And Stops He Do

When Things Have Attained Their Strong Maturity They Become Old

Now Arms, However Beautiful, Are Instruments Of Evil Omen, Hat

The Superior Man Ordinarily Considers The Left Hand The Most Ho

On Occasions Of Festivity To Be On The Left Hand Is The Prized

The Tao, Considered As Unchanging, Has No Name

Though In Its Primordial Simplicity It May Be Small, The Whole

Heaven And Earth (under Its Guidance) Unite Together And Send D

As Soon As It Proceeds To Action, It Has A Name When It Once H

The Relation Of The Tao To All The World Is Like That Of The Gr

He Who Knows Other Men Is Discerning; He Who Knows Himself Is

He Who Does Not Fail In The Requirements Of His Position, Conti

All-pervading Is The Great Tao! It May Be Found On The Left H

All Things Depend On It For Their Production, Which It Gives To

Hence The Sage Is Able (in The Same Way) To Accomplish His Grea

To Him Who Holds In His Hands The Great Image (of The Invisibl

Music And Dainties Will Make The Passing Guest Stop (for A Time

When One Is About To Take An Inspiration, He Is Sure To Make A

The Soft Overcomes The Hard; And The Weak The Strong

Fishes Should Not Be Taken From The Deep; Instruments For The P

The Tao In Its Regular Course Does Nothing (for The Sake Of Do

If Princes And Kings Were Able To Maintain It, All Things Would

If This Transformation Became To Me An Object Of Desire, I Woul

(those Who) Possessed In Highest Degree The Attributes (of The

(those Who) Possessed In The Highest Degree Those Attributes Di

(those Who) Possessed The Highest Benevolence Were (always Seek

(those Who) Possessed The Highest (sense Of) Propriety Were (al

Thus It Was That When The Tao Was Lost, Its Attributes Appeared

Now Propriety Is The Attenuated Form Of Leal-heartedness And Go

Thus It Is That The Great Man Abides By What Is Solid, And Esch

The Things Which From Of Old Have Got The One (the Tao) Are--

If Heaven Were Not Thus Pure, It Soon Would Rend; If Earth W

Thus It Is That Dignity Finds Its (firm) Root In Its (previous)

0 The Movement Of The Tao By Contraries Proceeds; And

All Things Under Heaven Sprang From It As Existing (and Named);

Scholars Of The Highest Class, When They Hear About The Tao, E

Therefore The Sentence-makers Have Thus Expressed Themselves:--

The Tao Is Hidden, And Has No Name; But It Is The Tao Which Is

The Tao Produced One; One Produced Two; Two Produced Three; Th

What Men Dislike Is To Be Orphans, To Have Little Virtue, To Be

What Other Men (thus) Teach, I Also Teach The Violent And Stro

The Softest Thing In The World Dashes Against And Overcomes Th

There Are Few In The World Who Attain To The Teaching Without W

Or Fame Or Life, Which Do You Hold More Dear? Or Life

Thus We May See, Who Cleaves To Fame Rejects What Is

Who Is Content Needs Fear No Shame Who Knows To Stop

Who Thinks His Great Achievements Poor Shall Find His Vigou

Constant Action Overcomes Cold; Being Still Overcomes Heat Pur

When The Tao Prevails In The World, They Send Back Their Swift

There Is No Guilt Greater Than To Sanction Ambition; No Calamit

Without Going Outside His Door, One Understands (all That Take

Therefore The Sages Got Their Knowledge Without Travelling; Gav

He Who Devotes Himself To Learning (seeks) From Day To Day To

He Diminishes It And Again Diminishes It, Till He Arrives At Do

He Who Gets As His Own All Under Heaven Does So By Giving Himse

The Sage Has No Invariable Mind Of His Own; He Makes The Mind

To Those Who Are Good (to Me), I Am Good; And To Those Who Are

The Sage Has In The World An Appearance Of Indecision, And Keep

0 Men Come Forth And Live; They Enter (again) And Die

Of Every Ten Three Are Ministers Of Life (to Themselves); And T

There Are Also Three In Every Ten Whose Aim Is To Live, But Who

But I Have Heard That He Who Is Skilful In Managing The Life En

All Things Are Produced By The Tao, And Nourished By Its Outfl

This Honouring Of The Tao And Exalting Of Its Operation Is Not

Thus It Is That The Tao Produces (all Things), Nourishes Them,

It Produces Them And Makes No Claim To The Possession Of Them;

(the Tao) Which Originated All Under The Sky Is To Be Consider

When The Mother Is Found, We Know What Her Children Should Be W

Let Him Keep His Mouth Closed, And Shut Up The Portals (of His

The Perception Of What Is Small Is (the Secret Of Clear- Sighte

Who Uses Well His Light, Reverting To Its (source So) Bright

If I Were Suddenly To Become Known, And (put Into A Position T

The Great Tao (or Way) Is Very Level And Easy; But People Love

Their Court(-yards And Buildings) Shall Be Well Kept, But Their

What (tao's) Skilful Planter Plants Can Never Be Uptorn;

Tao When Nursed Within One's Self, His Vigour Will Make Tr

In This Way The Effect Will Be Seen In The Person, By The Obser

How Do I Know That This Effect Is Sure To Hold Thus All Under T

He Who Has In Himself Abundantly The Attributes (of The Tao) I

(the Infant's) Bones Are Weak And Its Sinews Soft, But Yet Its

To Him By Whom This Harmony Is Known, (the Secret Of) The Un

When Things Have Become Strong, They (then) Become Old, Which M

He Who Knows (the Tao) Does Not (care To) Speak (about It); He

He (who Knows It) Will Keep His Mouth Shut And Close The Portal

(such An One) Cannot Be Treated Familiarly Or Distantly; He Is

A State May Be Ruled By (measures Of) Correction; Weapons Of W

How Do I Know That It Is So? By These Facts:--in The Kingdom T

Therefore A Sage Has Said, 'i Will Do Nothing (of Purpose), And

The Government That Seems The Most Unwise, Oft Goodness To

Shall We Then Dispense With Correction? The (method Of) Correc

Therefore The Sage Is (like) A Square Which Cuts No One (with I

For Regulating The Human (in Our Constitution) And Rendering T

It Is Only By This Moderation That There Is Effected An Early R

He Who Possesses The Mother Of The State May Continue Long His

0 Governing A Great State Is Like Cooking Small Fish

Let The Kingdom Be Governed According To The Tao, And The Manes

When These Two Do Not Injuriously Affect Each Other, Their Good

What Makes A Great State Is Its Being (like) A Low-lying, Down

(to Illustrate From) The Case Of All Females:--the Female Alway

Thus It Is That A Great State, By Condescending To Small States

The Great State Only Wishes To Unite Men Together And Nourish T

Tao Has Of All Things The Most Honoured Place No Treasures

(its) Admirable Words Can Purchase Honour; (its) Admirable Deed

Therefore When The Sovereign Occupies His Place As The Son Of H

Why Was It That The Ancients Prized This Tao So Much? Was It N

(it Is The Way Of The Tao) To Act Without (thinking Of) Acting

(the Master Of It) Anticipates Things That Are Difficult While

He Who Lightly Promises Is Sure To Keep But Little Faith; He Wh

That Which Is At Rest Is Easily Kept Hold Of; Before A Thing H

The Tree Which Fills The Arms Grew From The Tiniest Sprout; The

He Who Acts (with An Ulterior Purpose) Does Harm; He Who Takes

Therefore The Sage Desires What (other Men) Do Not Desire, And

The Ancients Who Showed Their Skill In Practising The Tao Did

The Difficulty In Governing The People Arises From Their Having

He Who Knows These Two Things Finds In Them Also His Model And

That Whereby The Rivers And Seas Are Able To Receive The Homag

In This Way Though He Has His Place Above Them, Men Do Not Feel

Therefore All In The World Delight To Exalt Him And Do Not Wear

All The World Says That, While My Tao Is Great, It Yet Appears

But I Have Three Precious Things Which I Prize And Hold Fast T

With That Gentleness I Can Be Bold; With That Economy I Can Be

Gentleness Is Sure To Be Victorious Even In Battle, And Firmly

He Who In (tao's) Wars Has Skill Assumes No Martial Port;

A Master Of The Art Of War Has Said, 'i Do Not Dare To Be The

There Is No Calamity Greater Than Lightly Engaging In War To D

0 My Words Are Very Easy To Know, And Very Easy To Practise; Bu

There Is An Originating And All-comprehending (principle) In My

They Who Know Me Are Few, And I Am On That Account (the More) T

To Know And Yet (think) We Do Not Know Is The Highest (attainm

It Is Simply By Being Pained At (the Thought Of) Having This Di

When The People Do Not Fear What They Ought To Fear, That Whic

Let Them Not Thoughtlessly Indulge Themselves In Their Ordinary

It Is By Avoiding Such Indulgence That Such Weariness Does Not

Therefore The Sage Knows (these Things) Of Himself, But Does No

He Whose Boldness Appears In His Daring (to Do Wrong, In Defia

It Is The Way Of Heaven Not To Strive, And Yet It Skilfully Ove

The People Do Not Fear Death; To What Purpose Is It To (try To

There Is Always One Who Presides Over The Infliction Death He

The People Suffer From Famine Because Of The Multitude Of Taxe

The People Are Difficult To Govern Because Of The (excessive) A

The People Make Light Of Dying Because Of The Greatness Of Thei

Man At His Birth Is Supple And Weak; At His Death, Firm And St

Thus It Is That Firmness And Strength Are The Concomitants Of D

Hence He Who (relies On) The Strength Of His Forces Does Not Co

Therefore The Place Of What Is Firm And Strong Is Below, And Th

May Not The Way (or Tao) Of Heaven Be Compared To The (method

It Is The Way Of Heaven To Diminish Superabundance, And To Supp

Who Can Take His Own Superabundance And Therewith Serve All Und

Therefore The (ruling) Sage Acts Without Claiming The Results A

There Is Nothing In The World More Soft And Weak Than Water, A

Every One In The World Knows That The Soft Overcomes The Hard,

Therefore A Sage Has Said, 'he Who Accepts His State's Reproa

Words That Are Strictly True Seem To Be Paradoxical

When A Reconciliation Is Effected (between Two Parties) After

Therefore (to Guard Against This), The Sage Keeps The Left-hand

In The Way Of Heaven, There Is No Partiality Of Love; It Is Alw

0 In A Little State With A Small Population, I Would So Order I

Though They Had Boats And Carriages, They Should Have No Occasi

I Would Make The People Return To The Use Of Knotted Cords (ins

They Should Think Their (coarse) Food Sweet; Their (plain) Clot

There Should Be A Neighbouring State Within Sight, And The Voic

Sincere Words Are Not Fine; Fine Words Are Not Sincere Those

The Sage Does Not Accumulate (for Himself) The More That He Ex

The Twin-verses

All That We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought: It Is Fo

All That We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought: It Is Fo

"he Abused Me, He Beat Me, He Defeated Me, He Robbed Me,"--in T

"he Abused Me, He Beat Me, He Defeated Me, He Robbed Me,"--in T

For Hatred Does Not Cease By Hatred At Any Time: Hatred Ceases

The World Does Not Know That We Must All Come To An End Here;--

He Who Lives Looking For Pleasures Only, His Senses Uncontrolle

He Who Lives Without Looking For Pleasures, His Senses Well Con

He Who Wishes To Put On The Yellow Dress Without Having Cleanse

But He Who Has Cleansed Himself From Sin, Is Well Grounded In A

They Who Imagine Truth In Untruth, And See Untruth In Truth, Ne

They Who Know Truth In Truth, And Untruth In Untruth, Arrive At

As Rain Breaks Through An Ill-thatched House, Passion Will Brea

As Rain Does Not Break Through A Well-thatched House, Passion W

The Evil-doer Mourns In This World, And He Mourns In The Next;

The Virtuous Man Delights In This World, And He Delights In The

The Evil-doer Suffers In This World, And He Suffers In The Next

The Virtuous Man Is Happy In This World, And He Is Happy In The

The Thoughtless Man, Even If He Can Recite A Large Portion (of

The Follower Of The Law, Even If He Can Recite Only A Small Por

Earnestness Is The Path Of Immortality (nirvana), Thoughtlessne

Those Who Are Advanced In Earnestness, Having Understood This C

These Wise People, Meditative, Steady, Always Possessed Of Stro

If An Earnest Person Has Roused Himself, If He Is Not Forgetful

By Rousing Himself, By Earnestness, By Restraint And Control, T

Fools Follow After Vanity, Men Of Evil Wisdom The Wise Man Kee

Follow Not After Vanity, Nor After The Enjoyment Of Love And Lu

When The Learned Man Drives Away Vanity By Earnestness, He, The

Earnest Among The Thoughtless, Awake Among The Sleepers, The Wi

By Earnestness Did Maghavan (indra) Rise To The Lordship Of The

A Bhikshu (mendicant) Who Delights In Earnestness, Who Looks Wi

A Bhikshu (mendicant) Who Delights In Reflection, Who Looks Wit

As A Fletcher Makes Straight His Arrow, A Wise Man Makes Straig

As A Fish Taken From His Watery Home And Thrown On Dry Ground,

It Is Good To Tame The Mind, Which Is Difficult To Hold In And

Let The Wise Man Guard His Thoughts, For They Are Difficult To

Those Who Bridle Their Mind Which Travels Far, Moves About Alon

If A Man's Thoughts Are Unsteady, If He Does Not Know The True

If A Man's Thoughts Are Not Dissipated, If His Mind Is Not Perp

Knowing That This Body Is (fragile) Like A Jar, And Making This

Before Long, Alas! This Body Will Lie On The Earth, Despised, W

Whatever A Hater May Do To A Hater, Or An Enemy To An Enemy, A

Not A Mother, Not A Father Will Do So Much, Nor Any Other Relat

Who Shall Overcome This Earth, And The World Of Yama (the Lord

The Disciple Will Overcome The Earth, And The World Of Yama, An

He Who Knows That This Body Is Like Froth, And Has Learnt That

Death Carries Off A Man Who Is Gathering Flowers And Whose Mind

Death Subdues A Man Who Is Gathering Flowers, And Whose Mind Is

As The Bee Collects Nectar And Departs Without Injuring The Flo

Not The Perversities Of Others, Not Their Sins Of Commission Or

Like A Beautiful Flower, Full Of Colour, But Without Scent, Are

But, Like A Beautiful Flower, Full Of Colour And Full Of Scent,

As Many Kinds Of Wreaths Can Be Made From A Heap Of Flowers, So

The Scent Of Flowers Does Not Travel Against The Wind, Nor (tha

Sandal-wood Or Tagara, A Lotus-flower, Or A Vassiki, Among Thes

Mean Is The Scent That Comes From Tagara And Sandal-wood;--the

Of The People Who Possess These Virtues, Who Live Without Thoug

, As On A Heap Of Rubbish Cast Upon The Highway The Lily Will G

Long Is The Night To Him Who Is Awake; Long Is A Mile To Him Wh

If A Traveller Does Not Meet With One Who Is His Better, Or His

"these Sons Belong To Me, And This Wealth Belongs To Me," With

The Fool Who Knows His Foolishness, Is Wise At Least So Far Bu

If A Fool Be Associated With A Wise Man Even All His Life, He W

If An Intelligent Man Be Associated For One Minute Only With A

Fools Of Little Understanding Have Themselves For Their Greates

That Deed Is Not Well Done Of Which A Man Must Repent, And The

No, That Deed Is Well Done Of Which A Man Does Not Repent, And

As Long As The Evil Deed Done Does Not Bear Fruit, The Fool Thi

Let A Fool Month After Month Eat His Food (like An Ascetic) Wit

An Evil Deed, Like Newly-drawn Milk, Does Not Turn (suddenly);

And When The Evil Deed, After It Has Become Known, Brings Sorro

Let The Fool Wish For A False Reputation, For Precedence Among

"may Both The Layman And He Who Has Left The World Think That T

"one Is The Road That Leads To Wealth, Another The Road That Le

If You See An Intelligent Man Who Tells You Where True Treasure

Let Him Admonish, Let Him Teach, Let Him Forbid What Is Imprope

Do Not Have Evil-doers For Friends, Do Not Have Low People For

He Who Drinks In The Law Lives Happily With A Serene Mind: The

Well-makers Lead The Water (wherever They Like); Fletchers Bend

As A Solid Rock Is Not Shaken By The Wind, Wise People Falter N

Wise People, After They Have Listened To The Laws, Become Seren

Good People Walk On Whatever Befall, The Good Do Not Prattle, L

If, Whether For His Own Sake, Or For The Sake Of Others, A Man

Few Are There Among Men Who Arrive At The Other Shore (become A

But Those Who, When The Law Has Been Well Preached To Them, Fol

, A Wise Man Should Leave The Dark State (of Ordinary Life), An

Those Whose Mind Is Well Grounded In The (seven) Elements Of Kn

There Is No Suffering For Him Who Has Finished His Journey, And

They Depart With Their Thoughts Well-collected, They Are Not Ha

Men Who Have No Riches, Who Live On Recognised Food, Who Have P

He Whose Appetites Are Stilled, Who Is Not Absorbed In Enjoymen

The Gods Even Envy Him Whose Senses, Like Horses Well Broken In

Such A One Who Does His Duty Is Tolerant Like The Earth, Like I

His Thought Is Quiet, Quiet Are His Word And Deed, When He Has

The Man Who Is Free From Credulity, But Knows The Uncreated, Wh

In A Hamlet Or In A Forest, In The Deep Water Or On The Dry Lan

Forests Are Delightful; Where The World Finds No Delight, There

Even Though A Speech Be A Thousand (of Words), But Made Up Of S

Even Though A Gatha (poem) Be A Thousand (of Words), But Made U

Though A Man Recite A Hundred Gathas Made Up Of Senseless Words

If One Man Conquer In Battle A Thousand Times Thousand Men, And

, One's Own Self Conquered Is Better Than All Other People; Not

If A Man For A Hundred Years Sacrifice Month After Month With A

If A Man For A Hundred Years Worship Agni (fire) In The Forest,

Whatever A Man Sacrifice In This World As An Offering Or As An

He Who Always Greets And Constantly Reveres The Aged, Four Thin

But He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Vicious And Unrestrained, A L

And He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Ignorant And Unrestrained, A

And He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Idle And Weak, A Life Of One

And He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Not Seeing Beginning And End,

And He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Not Seeing The Immortal Place

And He Who Lives A Hundred Years, Not Seeing The Highest Law, A

If A Man Would Hasten Towards The Good, He Should Keep His Thou

If A Man Commits A Sin, Let Him Not Do It Again; Let Him Not De

If A Man Does What Is Good, Let Him Do It Again; Let Him Deligh

Even An Evil-doer Sees Happiness As Long As His Evil Deed Has N

Even A Good Man Sees Evil Days, As Long As His Good Deed Has No

Let No Man Think Lightly Of Evil, Saying In His Heart, It Will

Let No Man Think Lightly Of Good, Saying In His Heart, It Will

Let A Man Avoid Evil Deeds, As A Merchant, If He Has Few Compan

He Who Has No Wound On His Hand, May Touch Poison With His Hand

If A Man Offend A Harmless, Pure, And Innocent Person, The Evil

Some People Are Born Again; Evil-doers Go To Hell; Righteous Pe

Not In The Sky, Not In The Midst Of The Sea, Not If We Enter In

All Men Tremble At Punishment, All Men Fear Death; Remember Tha

All Men Tremble At Punishment, All Men Love Life; Remember That

He Who Seeking His Own Happiness Punishes Or Kills Beings Who A

He Who Seeking His Own Happiness Does Not Punish Or Kill Beings

Do Not Speak Harshly To Anybody; Those Who Are Spoken To Will A

If, Like A Shattered Metal Plate (gong), Thou Utter Not, Then T

As A Cowherd With His Staff Drives His Cows Into The Stable, So

A Fool Does Not Know When He Commits His Evil Deeds: But The Wi

He Who Inflicts Pain On Innocent And Harmless Persons, Will Soo

He Will Have Cruel Suffering, Loss, Injury Of The Body, Heavy A

Or A Misfortune Coming From The King, Or A Fearful Accusation,

Or Lightning-fire Will Burn His Houses; And When His Body Is De

Not Nakedness, Not Platted Hair, Not Dirt, Not Fasting, Or Lyin

He Who, Though Dressed In Fine Apparel, Exercises Tranquillity,

Is There In This World Any Man So Restrained By Humility That H

Like A Well-trained Horse When Touched By The Whip, Be Ye Activ

Well-makers Lead The Water (wherever They Like); Fletchers Bend

How Is There Laughter, How Is There Joy, As This World Is Alway

Look At This Dressed-up Lump, Covered With Wounds, Joined Toget

This Body Is Wasted, Full Of Sickness, And Frail; This Heap Of

Those White Bones, Like Gourds Thrown Away In The Autumn, What

After A Stronghold Has Been Made Of The Bones, It Is Covered Wi

The Brilliant Chariots Of Kings Are Destroyed, The Body Also Ap

A Man Who Has Learnt Little, Grows Old Like An Ox; His Flesh Gr

, Looking For The Maker Of This Tabernacle, I Shall Have To Run

Men Who Have Not Observed Proper Discipline, And Have Not Gaine

Men Who Have Not Observed Proper Discipline, And Have Not Gaine

If A Man Hold Himself Dear, Let Him Watch Himself Carefully; Du

Let Each Man Direct Himself First To What Is Proper, Then Let H

If A Man Make Himself As He Teaches Others To Be, Then, Being H

Self Is The Lord Of Self, Who Else Could Be The Lord? With Sel

The Evil Done By Oneself, Self-begotten, Self-bred, Crushes The

He Whose Wickedness Is Very Great Brings Himself Down To That S

Bad Deeds, And Deeds Hurtful To Ourselves, Are Easy To Do; What

The Foolish Man Who Scorns The Rule Of The Venerable (arahat),

By Oneself The Evil Is Done, By Oneself One Suffers; By Oneself

Let No One Forget His Own Duty For The Sake Of Another's, Howev

Do Not Follow The Evil Law! Do Not Live On In Thoughtlessness!

Rouse Thyself! Do Not Be Idle! Follow The Law Of Virtue! The

Follow The Law Of Virtue; Do Not Follow That Of Sin The Virtuou

Look Upon The World As A Bubble, Look Upon It As A Mirage: The

Come, Look At This Glittering World, Like Unto A Royal Chariot;

He Who Formerly Was Reckless And Afterwards Became Sober, Brigh

He Whose Evil Deeds Are Covered By Good Deeds, Brightens Up Thi

This World Is Dark, Few Only Can See Here; A Few Only Go To Hea

The Swans Go On The Path Of The Sun, They Go Through The Ether

If A Man Has Transgressed One Law, And Speaks Lies, And Scoffs

The Uncharitable Do Not Go To The World Of The Gods; Fools Only

Better Than Sovereignty Over The Earth, Better Than Going To He

He Whose Conquest Is Not Conquered Again, Into Whose Conquest N

He Whom No Desire With Its Snares And Poisons Can Lead Astray,

Even The Gods Envy Those Who Are Awakened And Not Forgetful, Wh

Difficult (to Obtain) Is The Conception Of Men, Difficult Is Th

Not To Commit Any Sin, To Do Good, And To Purify One's Mind, Th

The Awakened Call Patience The Highest Penance, Long-suffering

Not To Blame, Not To Strike, To Live Restrained Under The Law,

There Is No Satisfying Lusts, Even By A Shower Of Gold Pieces;

Even In Heavenly Pleasures He Finds No Satisfaction, The Discip

Men, Driven By Fear, Go To Many A Refuge, To Mountains And Fore

But That Is Not A Safe Refuge, That Is Not The Best Refuge; A M

He Who Takes Refuge With Buddha, The Law, And The Church; He Wh

Viz Pain, The Origin Of Pain, The Destruction Of Pain, And The

That Is The Safe Refuge, That Is The Best Refuge; Having Gone T

A Supernatural Person (a Buddha) Is Not Easily Found, He Is Not

Happy Is The Arising Of The Awakened, Happy Is The Teaching Of

, He Who Pays Homage To Those Who Deserve Homage, Whether The A

Let Us Live Happily Then, Not Hating Those Who Hate Us! Among M

Let Us Live Happily Then, Free From Ailments Among The Ailing!

Let Us Live Happily Then, Free From Greed Among The Greedy! Amo

Let Us Live Happily Then, Though We Call Nothing Our Own! We Sh

Victory Breeds Hatred, For The Conquered Is Unhappy He Who Has

There Is No Fire Like Passion; There Is No Losing Throw Like Ha

Hunger Is The Worst Of Diseases, The Body The Greatest Of Pains

Health Is The Greatest Of Gifts, Contentedness The Best Riches;

He Who Has Tasted The Sweetness Of Solitude And Tranquillity, I

The Sight Of The Elect (arya) Is Good, To Live With Them Is Alw

He Who Walks In The Company Of Fools Suffers A Long Way; Compan

Therefore, One Ought To Follow The Wise, The Intelligent, The L

He Who Gives Himself To Vanity, And Does Not Give Himself To Me

Let No Man Ever Look For What Is Pleasant, Or What Is Unpleasan

Let, Therefore, No Man Love Anything; Loss Of The Beloved Is Ev

From Pleasure Comes Grief, From Pleasure Comes Fear; He Who Is

From Affection Comes Grief, From Affection Comes Fear; He Who I

From Lust Comes Grief, From Lust Comes Fear; He Who Is Free Fro

From Love Comes Grief, From Love Comes Fear; He Who Is Free Fro

From Greed Comes Grief, From Greed Comes Fear; He Who Is Free F

He Who Possesses Virtue And Intelligence, Who Is Just, Speaks T

He In Whom A Desire For The Ineffable (nirvana) Has Sprung Up,

Kinsmen, Friends, And Lovers Salute A Man Who Has Been Long Awa

In Like Manner His Good Works Receive Him Who Has Done Good, An

Let A Man Leave Anger, Let Him Forsake Pride, Let Him Overcome

He Who Holds Back Rising Anger Like A Rolling Chariot, Him I Ca

Let A Man Overcome Anger By Love, Let Him Overcome Evil By Good

Speak The Truth, Do Not Yield To Anger; Give, If Thou Art Asked

The Sages Who Injure Nobody, And Who Always Control Their Body,

Those Who Are Ever Watchful, Who Study Day And Night, And Who S

This Is An Old Saying, O Atula, This Is Not Only Of To-day: `th

There Never Was, There Never Will Be, Nor Is There Now, A Man W

, But He Whom Those Who Discriminate Praise Continually Day Aft

Beware Of Bodily Anger, And Control Thy Body! Leave The Sins O

Beware Of The Anger Of The Tongue, And Control Thy Tongue! Lea

Beware Of The Anger Of The Mind, And Control Thy Mind! Leave Th

The Wise Who Control Their Body, Who Control Their Tongue, The

Thou Art Now Like A Sear Leaf, The Messengers Of Death (yama) H

Make Thyself An Island, Work Hard, Be Wise! When Thy Impuritie

Thy Life Has Come To An End, Thou Art Come Near To Death (yama)

Make Thyself An Island, Work Hard, Be Wise! When Thy Impuritie

Let A Wise Man Blow Off The Impurities Of His Self, As A Smith

As The Impurity Which Springs From The Iron, When It Springs Fr

The Taint Of Prayers Is Non-repetition; The Taint Of Houses, No

Bad Conduct Is The Taint Of Woman, Greediness The Taint Of A Be

But There Is A Taint Worse Than All Taints,--ignorance Is The G

Life Is Easy To Live For A Man Who Is Without Shame, A Crow Her

But Life Is Hard To Live For A Modest Man, Who Always Looks For

He Who Destroys Life, Who Speaks Untruth, Who In This World Tak

And The Man Who Gives Himself To Drinking Intoxicating Liquors,

O Man, Know This, That The Unrestrained Are In A Bad State; Tak

The World Gives According To Their Faith Or According To Their

He In Whom That Feeling Is Destroyed, And Taken Out With The Ve

There Is No Fire Like Passion, There Is No Shark Like Hatred, T

The Fault Of Others Is Easily Perceived, But That Of Oneself Is

If A Man Looks After The Faults Of Others, And Is Always Inclin

There Is No Path Through The Air, A Man Is Not A Samana By Outw

There Is No Path Through The Air, A Man Is Not A Samana By Outw

, A Man Is Not Just If He Carries A Matter By Violence; No, He

A Man Is Not Learned Because He Talks Much; He Who Is Patient,

A Man Is Not A Supporter Of The Law Because He Talks Much; Even

A Man Is Not An Elder Because His Head Is Grey; His Age May Be

He In Whom There Is Truth, Virtue, Love, Restraint, Moderation,

An Envious Greedy, Dishonest Man Does Not Become Respectable By

He In Whom All This Is Destroyed, And Taken Out With The Very R

Not By Tonsure Does An Undisciplined Man Who Speaks Falsehood B

He Who Always Quiets The Evil, Whether Small Or Large, He Is Ca

A Man Is Not A Mendicant (bhikshu) Simply Because He Asks Other

He Who Is Above Good And Evil, Who Is Chaste, Who With Knowledg

, A Man Is Not A Muni Because He Observes Silence (mona, Ie Mau

A Man Is Not An Elect (ariya) Because He Injures Living Creatu

, Not Only By Discipline And Vows, Not Only By Much Learning, N

The Best Of Ways Is The Eightfold; The Best Of Truths The Four

This Is The Way, There Is No Other That Leads To The Purifying

If You Go On This Way, You Will Make An End Of Pain! The Way W

You Yourself Must Make An Effort The Tathagatas (buddhas) Are

`all Created Things Perish,' He Who Knows And Sees This Becomes

`all Created Things Are Grief And Pain,' He Who Knows And Sees

`all Forms Are Unreal,' He Who Knows And Sees This Becomes Pass

He Who Does Not Rouse Himself When It Is Time To Rise, Who, Tho

Watching His Speech, Well Restrained In Mind, Let A Man Never C

Through Zeal Knowledge Is Gotten, Through Lack Of Zeal Knowledg

Cut Down The Whole Forest (of Lust), Not A Tree Only! Danger C

So Long As The Love Of Man Towards Women, Even The Smallest, Is

Cut Out The Love Of Self, Like An Autumn Lotus, With Thy Hand!

`here I Shall Dwell In The Rain, Here In Winter And Summer,' Th

Death Comes And Carries Off That Man, Praised For His Children

Sons Are No Help, Nor A Father, Nor Relations; There Is No Help

A Wise And Good Man Who Knows The Meaning Of This, Should Quick

If By Leaving A Small Pleasure One Sees A Great Pleasure, Let A

He Who, By Causing Pain To Others, Wishes To Obtain Pleasure Fo

What Ought To Be Done Is Neglected, What Ought Not To Be Done I

But They Whose Whole Watchfulness Is Always Directed To Their B

A True Brahmana Goes Scatheless, Though He Have Killed Father A

A True Brahmana Goes Scatheless, Though He Have Killed Father A

The Disciples Of Gotama (buddha) Are Always Well Awake, And The

The Disciples Of Gotama Are Always Well Awake, And Their Though

The Disciples Of Gotama Are Always Well Awake, And Their Though

The Disciples Of Gotama Are Always Well Awake, And Their Though

The Disciples Of Gotama Are Always Well Awake, And Their Mind D

The Disciples Of Gotama Are Always Well Awake, And Their Mind D

It Is Hard To Leave The World (to Become A Friar), It Is Hard T

Whatever Place A Faithful, Virtuous, Celebrated, And Wealthy Ma

Good People Shine From Afar, Like The Snowy Mountains; Bad Peop

He Alone Who, Without Ceasing, Practises The Duty Of Sitting Al

He Who Says What Is Not, Goes To Hell; He Also Who, Having Done

Many Men Whose Shoulders Are Covered With The Yellow Gown Are I

Better It Would Be To Swallow A Heated Iron Ball, Like Flaring

Four Things Does A Wreckless Man Gain Who Covets His Neighbour'

There Is Bad Reputation, And The Evil Way (to Hell), There Is T

As A Grass-blade, If Badly Grasped, Cuts The Arm, Badly-practis

An Act Carelessly Performed, A Broken Vow, And Hesitating Obedi

If Anything Is To Be Done, Let A Man Do It, Let Him Attack It V

An Evil Deed Is Better Left Undone, For A Man Repents Of It Aft

Like A Well-guarded Frontier Fort, With Defences Within And Wit

They Who Are Ashamed Of What They Ought Not To Be Ashamed Of, A

They Who Fear When They Ought Not To Fear, And Fear Not When Th

They Who Forbid When There Is Nothing To Be Forbidden, And Forb

They Who Know What Is Forbidden As Forbidden, And What Is Not F

Silently Shall I Endure Abuse As The Elephant In Battle Endures

They Lead A Tamed Elephant To Battle, The King Mounts A Tamed E

Mules Are Good, If Tamed, And Noble Sindhu Horses, And Elephant

For With These Animals Does No Man Reach The Untrodden Country

The Elephant Called Dhanapalaka, His Temples Running With Sap,

If A Man Becomes Fat And A Great Eater, If He Is Sleepy And Rol

This Mind Of Mine Went Formerly Wandering About As It Liked, As

Be Not Thoughtless, Watch Your Thoughts! Draw Yourself Out Of

If A Man Find A Prudent Companion Who Walks With Him, Is Wise,

If A Man Find No Prudent Companion Who Walks With Him, Is Wise,

It Is Better To Live Alone, There Is No Companionship With A Fo

If An Occasion Arises, Friends Are Pleasant; Enjoyment Is Pleas

Pleasant In The World Is The State Of A Mother, Pleasant The St

Pleasant Is Virtue Lasting To Old Age, Pleasant Is A Faith Firm

The Thirst Of A Thoughtless Man Grows Like A Creeper; He Runs F

Whomsoever This Fierce Thirst Overcomes, Full Of Poison, In Thi

He Who Overcomes This Fierce Thirst, Difficult To Be Conquered

This Salutary Word I Tell You, `do Ye, As Many As Are Here Asse

As A Tree, Even Though It Has Been Cut Down, Is Firm So Long As

He Whose Thirst Running Towards Pleasure Is Exceeding Strong In

The Channels Run Everywhere, The Creeper (of Passion) Stands Sp

A Creature's Pleasures Are Extravagant And Luxurious; Sunk In L

Men, Driven On By Thirst, Run About Like A Snared Hare; Held In

Men, Driven On By Thirst, Run About Like A Snared Hare; Let The

He Who Having Got Rid Of The Forest (of Lust) (ie After Having

Wise People Do Not Call That A Strong Fetter Which Is Made Of I

That Fetter Wise People Call Strong Which Drags Down, Yields, B

Those Who Are Slaves To Passions, Run Down With The Stream (of

Give Up What Is Before, Give Up What Is Behind, Give Up What Is

If A Man Is Tossed About By Doubts, Full Of Strong Passions, An

If A Man Delights In Quieting Doubts, And, Always Reflecting, D

He Who Has Reached The Consummation, Who Does Not Tremble, Who

He Who Is Without Thirst And Without Affection, Who Understands

`i Have Conquered All, I Know All, In All Conditions Of Life I

The Gift Of The Law Exceeds All Gifts; The Sweetness Of The Law

Pleasures Destroy The Foolish, If They Look Not For The Other S

The Fields Are Damaged By Weeds, Mankind Is Damaged By Passion:

The Fields Are Damaged By Weeds, Mankind Is Damaged By Hatred:

The Fields Are Damaged By Weeds, Mankind Is Damaged By Vanity:

The Fields Are Damaged By Weeds, Mankind Is Damaged By Lust: Th

Restraint In The Eye Is Good, Good Is Restraint In The Ear, In

In The Body Restraint Is Good, Good Is Restraint In Speech, In

He Who Controls His Hand, He Who Controls His Feet, He Who Cont

The Bhikshu Who Controls His Mouth, Who Speaks Wisely And Calml

He Who Dwells In The Law, Delights In The Law, Meditates On The

Let Him Not Despise What He Has Received, Nor Ever Envy Others:

A Bhikshu Who, Though He Receives Little, Does Not Despise What

He Who Never Identifies Himself With Name And Form, And Does No

The Bhikshu Who Acts With Kindness, Who Is Calm In The Doctrine

O Bhikshu, Empty This Boat! If Emptied, It Will Go Quickly; Hav

Cut Off The Five (senses), Leave The Five, Rise Above The Five

Meditate, O Bhikshu, And Be Not Heedless! Do Not Direct Thy Th

Without Knowledge There Is No Meditation, Without Meditation Th

A Bhikshu Who Has Entered His Empty House, And Whose Mind Is Tr

As Soon As He Has Considered The Origin And Destruction Of The

And This Is The Beginning Here For A Wise Bhikshu: Watchfulness

Let Him Live In Charity, Let Him Be Perfect In His Duties; Then

As The Vassika Plant Sheds Its Withered Flowers, Men Should She

The Bhikshu Whose Body And Tongue And Mind Are Quieted, Who Is

Rouse Thyself By Thyself, Examine Thyself By Thyself, Thus Self

For Self Is The Lord Of Self, Self Is The Refuge Of Self; There

The Bhikshu, Full Of Delight, Who Is Calm In The Doctrine Of Bu

He Who, Even As A Young Bhikshu, Applies Himself To The Doctrin

Stop The Stream Valiantly, Drive Away The Desires, O Brahmana!

If The Brahmana Has Reached The Other Shore In Both Laws (in Re

He For Whom There Is Neither This Nor That Shore, Nor Both, Him

He Who Is Thoughtful, Blameless, Settled, Dutiful, Without Pass

The Sun Is Bright By Day, The Moon Shines By Night, The Warrior

Because A Man Is Rid Of Evil, Therefore He Is Called Brahmana;

No One Should Attack A Brahmana, But No Brahmana (if Attacked)

It Advantages A Brahmana Not A Little If He Holds His Mind Back

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Does Not Offend By Body, Word,

After A Man Has Once Understood The Law As Taught By The Well-

A Man Does Not Become A Brahmana By His Platted Hair, By His Fa

What Is The Use Of Platted Hair, O Fool! What Of The Raiment Of

The Man Who Wears Dirty Raiments, Who Is Emaciated And Covered

I Do Not Call A Man A Brahmana Because Of His Origin Or Of His

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Has Cut All Fetters, Who Never

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Has Cut The Strap And The Thon

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who, Though He Has Committed No Of

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Is Free From Anger, Dutiful, V

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Does Not Cling To Pleasures, L

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who, Even Here, Knows The End Of H

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Whose Knowledge Is Deep, Who Posse

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Keeps Aloof Both From Laymen A

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Finds No Fault With Other Bein

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Is Tolerant With The Intoleran

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana From Whom Anger And Hatred, Pride

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Utters True Speech, Instructiv

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Takes Nothing In The World Tha

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Fosters No Desires For This Wo

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Has No Interests, And When He

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who In This World Is Above Good An

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Is Bright Like The Moon, Pure,

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Has Traversed This Miry Road,

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who In This World, Leaving All Des

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who, Leaving All Longings, Travels

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who, After Leaving All Bondage To

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Has Left What Gives Pleasure A

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Knows The Destruction And The

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Whose Path The Gods Do Not Know, N

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana Who Calls Nothing His Own, Whether

Him I Call Indeed A Brahmana, The Manly, The Noble, The Hero, T