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The Sayings Of Confucius

Find a list of all of the Sayings Of Confucius.

The Master Said, To Learn And Then Do, Is Not That A Pleasure When

The Master Said, He That Rules By Mind Is Like The North Star,

Of The Chi Having Eight Rows Of Dancers In His Courtyard,

The Master Said, Love Makes A Spot Beautiful: Who Chooses Not To

Of Kung-yeh Ch'ang The Master Said, A Girl Might Be Wedded To Him

The Master Said, Yung Might Fill The Seat Of A Prince

The Master Said, A Teller And Not A Maker, One That Trusts And

The Master Said, T'ai-po May Be Said To Have Carried Nobility

The Master Seldom Spake Of Gain, Or Love, Or The Bidding

Among His Own Country Folk Confucius Wore A Homely Look, Like One

The Master Said, Savages! The Men That First Went Into Courtesy And

Yen Yuean Asked, What Is Love

Tzu-lu Asked How To Rule

Hsien Asked, What Is Shame

Ling, Duke Of Wei, Asked Confucius About The Line Of Battle

The Chi Was About To Make War On Chuan-yue

Yang Huo Wished To See Confucius Confucius Did Not Go To See

The Lord Of Wei Left, The Lord Of Chi Was Made A Slave,

Tzu-chang Said, The Knight That Stakes His Life When He Sees

Yao Said, Hail To Thee, Shun! The Count That Heaven Is Telling