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Sacred Books Of The East

Cleansing The Unclean
Zarathustra asked Ahura Maz

Myth Of Yima
Zarathustra asked Ahura Maz

The Earth
O Maker of the material wor

Contracts And Outrages
"He that does not restore a

O Maker of the material wor

Funerals And Purification
If a dog or a man die under

The Creation
Ahura Mazda spake unto Spit

The study of religion, like

Discovery Of The Zend-avesta
The "Zend-Avesta" is the sa

To The Maruts And Indra
The Prologue The sacrifi

To Indra And The Maruts
Those who stand around him

To Agni And The Maruts
Thou art called forth to th

To Rudra
We offer these prayers to R

To Rudra
O father of the Maruts, let

To Agni And The Maruts
I implore Agni, the graciou

To Vayu
Come hither, O Vayu, thou b

To Vayu
O Vayu, may the quick racer

Indra And Agastya: A Dialogue
Indra: There is no such thi

To Soma And Rudra
Soma and Rudra, may you mai

To Rudra
Offer ye these songs to Rud

To Vata
Now for the greatness of

To Vata
May Vata waft medicine, hea

The Vedic Hymns are among t

To The Unknown God
In the beginning there aros

To The Maruts
I Come hither, Maruts, o

Spells Recited During The Cleansing
Zarathustra asked Ahura Maz

To Fires, Waters, Plants
We worship thee, the Fire,

To The Earth And The Sacred Waters
And now we worship this ear

Prayer For Helpers
And now in these Thy dispen

A Prayer For Sanctity And Its Benefits
I pray with benedictions fo

To The Fire
I offer my sacrifice and ho

To The Bountiful Immortals
I would worship these with

Praise Of The Holy Bull
Hail, bounteous bull! Hail

To Rain As A Healing Power
"Come, come on, O clouds, f

To The Waters And Light Of The Sun
"As the sea Vouru-kasha is

To The Waters And Light Of The Moon
As the sea Vouru-kasha is t

To The Waters And Light Of The Stars
As the sea Vouru-kasha is t

The "Dhammapada," or "Path

The Twin-verses
All that we are is the resu

On Earnestness
Earnestness is the path of

As a fletcher makes straigh

Who shall overcome this ear

The Fool
Long is the night to him wh

The Wise Man
If you see a man who shows

The Venerable
There is no suffering for h

The Thousands
Even though a speech be a t

All men tremble at punishme

Old Age
How is there laughter, how

The World
Do not follow the evil law!

The Buddha The Awakened
He whose conquest cannot be

We live happily indeed, not

He who gives himself to van

Thou art now like a sear le

The Just
A man is not just if he car

The Way
The best of ways is the eig

If by leaving a small pleas

The Downward Course
He who says what is not goe

The Elephant
Silently I endured abuse as

The thirst of a thoughtless

The Bhikshu
Restraint in the eye is goo

The Brahmana
Stop the stream valiantly,

The "Upanishads" are reckon

The Couch Of Brahman
Kitra Gangyayani, wishing t

Knowledge Of The Living Spirit
"Prana, or breath,[16] is B

Life And Consciousness
Pratardana, the son of Divo

The importance of the "Kora

Mohammed And Mohammedanism
By Thomas Carlyle From t

Revealed At Mecca
Praise be to God, the L

Revealed Partly At Mecca
A.L.M. There is no doub

The Family Of Imran
A.L.M.[47] There is no

Women Revealed At Medina
O men, fear your Lord,

The Table Revealed At Medina
O True believers, perfo

Buddha is undoubtedly the m

The Birth
There was a descendant

Bimbisara Raga Invites The Prince
The royal prince, depar

Bimbisara Raga Becomes A Disciple
And now those five men, Asv

Spiritual Power Fixing His Term Of Years
At this time the great me