Fear of Self: timidity, lack of confidence, possible unaccountable


Fear for Self: weakness, anticipated failure, imagined disgrace

Fear of Things: animals, inanimate objects, physical forces

Fear of Others: human beings, apparitions, devils, Deity

Fear for Others: children, parents, husband, wife, relatives,

friends, strangers

Fear of Events: present, future, imaginary, possible, probable,


Fear of the Future: in life; beyond the present life

Instinct and reason strive to place us in right relations with all

these causes The existence in us of fear shows that we already

are, either in mind or in fact, in wrong relations therewith

The mastery of fear involves the discovery of right relations,

mental or concrete, and the placing of self in those right

conditions which are determined and provided for by the ground-

plan of our nature

And the first thing thus provided for is health All treatment for

the conquest of our universal enemy must begin with development of

individual tone: tone of body, tone of mind, tone of the deeper


I am not writing for those who are constitutionally fearless, but

I have in mind all who do yield to the feeling of fear Our ideal,

however, is not a mere animal courage, not the courage of

insensibility It is rather the courage of the whole man or woman

making for the WHITE LIFE If you are only partially yourself, you

cannot possess the highest courage Such courage may be yours,

infallibly, if you will but resolve for the goal and go on into

the great ideals of the harmonic personality This you can do--

anyone can do And to come thereto is the greatest thing in the


You are invited, then, to begin by substituting in your thought

the idea of self-preserving reason for any kind of fear (even the

so-called normal) as your perpetual guard and guide Make it a

profound conviction of your deepest self that no real harm can

come to that self because you have entered the highway of the


CONFIDENT ASSURANCE Swing your life into the unfolding and

infolding of the Infinite White Life of Worlds Courage will

become to you the very breath of your lungs

I send you this sure message: Fear is dead

In all the pure, by reason's wisdom led,

Who wear white honor and evince good-will,

And trust the self to Love's unfailing skill

I send you this sure message: Courage lives

When man to Courage all assurance gives

Its upper part is not bright, and its lower part Kinsmen, friends, and lovers salute a man who has been facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail