It is within your power to gratify your every wish. Success is

the result of the way you think. I will show you how to think to

be successful.

The power to rule and attract success is within yourself. The

barriers that shut these off from you are subject to your

control. You have unlimited power to think and this is the link

that connects you with your omniscient source.

Success is the result of certain moods of mind or ways of

thinking. These moods can be controlled by you and produced at


You have been evolved to what you are from a lowly atom because

you possessed the power to think. This power will never leave

you, but will keep urging you on until you reach perfection. As

you evolve, you create new desires and these can be gratified.

The power to rule lies within you. The barriers that keep you

from ruling are also within you. These are the barriers of


Concentrated thought will accomplish seemingly impossible results

and make you realize your fondest ambitions. At the same time

that you break down barriers of limitation new ambitions will be

awakened. You begin to experience conscious thought


If you will just realize that through deep concentration you

become linked with thoughts of omnipotence, you will kill out

entirely your belief in your limitations and at the same time

will drive away all fear and other negative and destructive

thought forces which constantly work against you. In the place of

these you will build up a strong assurance that your every

venture will be successful. When you learn thus how to

concentrate and reinforce your thought, you control your mental

creations; they in turn help to mould your physical environment,

and you become the master of circumstances and the ruler of your


It is just as easy to surround your life with what you want as it

is with what you don't want. It is a question to be decided by

your will. There are no walls to prevent you from getting what

you want, providing you want what is right. If you choose

something that is not right, you are in opposition to the

omnipotent plans of the universe and deserve to fail. But, if you

will base your desires on justice and good will, you avail

yourself of the helpful powers of universal currents, and instead

of having a handicap to work against, can depend upon ultimate

success, though the outward appearances may not at first be


Never stop to think of temporary appearances, but maintain an

unfaltering belief in your ultimate success. Make your plans

carefully, and see that they are not contrary to the tides of

universal justice. The main thing for you to remember is to keep

at bay the destructive and opposing forces of fear and anger and

their satellites.

There is no power so great as the belief which comes from the

knowledge that your thought is in harmony with the divine laws of

thought and the sincere conviction that your cause is right. You

may be able seemingly to accomplish results for a time even if

your cause is unjust, but the results will be temporary, and, in

time, you will have to tear down your thought edifice and build

on the true foundation of Right.

Plans that are not built on truth produce discordant vibrations

and are therefore self-destructive. Never try to build until you

can build right. It is a waste of time to do anything else. You

may temporarily put aside your desire to do right, but its true

vibrations will interfere with your unjust plans until you are

forced back into righteous paths of power.

All just causes succeed in time, though temporarily they may

fail. So if you should face the time when everything seems

against you, quiet your fears, drive away all destructive

thoughts and uphold the dignity of your moral and spiritual life.

"Where There Is A Will There Is A Way." The reason this is so is

that the Will can make a way if given the chance to secure the

assistance of aiding forces. The more it is developed the higher

the way to which it will lead.

When everything looks gloomy and discouraging, then is the time

to show what you are made of by rejoicing that you can control

your moods by making them as calm, serene and bright as if

prosperity were yours.

"Be faithful in sowing the thought seeds of success, in perfect

trust that the sun will not cease to shine and bring a generous

harvest in one season."

It is not always necessary to think of the success of a venture

when you are actually engaged in it. For when the body is

inactive the mind is most free to catch new ideas that will

further the opportunity you are seeking. When you are actually

engaged in doing something, you are thinking in the channels you

have previously constructed and the work does not have to be done

over again.

When you are in a negative mood the intuitions are more active,

for you are not then controlling your thoughts by the will.

Everything we do. should have the approval of the intuition.

When you are in a negative mood you attract thoughts of similar

nature through the law of affinity. That is why it is so

important to form thoughts of a success nature to attract similar

ones. If you have never made a study of this subject, you may

think this is all foolishness, but it is a fact that there are

thought currents that unerringly bring thoughts of a similar

nature. Many persons who think of failure actually attract

failure by their worries, their anxieties, their overactivity.

These thoughts are bound to bring failure. When you once learn

the laws of thought and think of nothing but Good, Truth,

Success, you will make more progress with less effort than you

ever made before.

There are forces that can aid the mind that are hardly dreamed of

by the average person. When you learn to believe more in the

value of thought and its laws you will be led aright and your

business gains will multiply.

The following method may assist you in gaining better thought

control. If you are unable to control your fears, just say to

your faulty determination, "Do not falter or be afraid, for I am

not really alone. I am surrounded by invisible forces that will

assist me to remove the unfavorable appearances." Soon you will

have more courage. The only difference between the fearless man

and the fearful one is in his will, his hope. So if you lack

success, believe in it, hope for it, claim it. You can use the

same method to brace up your thoughts of desire, aspiration,

imagination, expectation, ambition, understanding, trust and


If you get anxious, angry, discouraged, undecided or worried, it

is because you are not receiving the co-operation of the higher

powers of your mind. By your Will you can so organize the powers

of the mind that your moods change only as you want them to

instead of as circumstances affect you.

I was recently asked if I advised concentrating on what you eat,

or what you see while walking. My reply was that no matter what

you may be doing, when in practice think of nothing else but that

act at the time. The idea is to be able to control your

unimportant acts, otherwise you set up a habit that it will be

hard to overcome, because your faculties have not been in the

habit of concentrating. Your faculties cannot be disorganized one

minute and organized the next. If you allow the mind to wander

while you are doing small things, it will be likely to get into

mischief and make it hard to concentrate on the important act

when it comes.

The man that is able to concentrate is the happy, busy man. Time

does not drag with him. He always has plenty to do. He does not

have time to think over past mistakes, which would make him


If despite our discouragement and failures, we claim our great

heritage, "life and truth and force, like an electric current,"

will permeate our lives until we enter into our "birthright in


The will does not act with clearness, decision and promptness

unless it is trained to do so. There are comparatively few that

really know what they are doing every minute of the day. This is

because they do not observe with sufficient orderliness and

accuracy to know what they are doing. It is not difficult to know

what you us doing all the time, if you will just practice

concentration and with a reposeful deliberation, and train

yourself to think clearly, promptly, and decisive. If you allow

yourself to worry or hurry in what you are doing, this will not

be clearly photographed upon the sensitized plate of the

subjective mind, and you therefore will not be really conscious

of your actions. So practice accuracy and concentration of

thought, and also absolute truthfulness and you will soon be able

to concentrate.