Thus it is that dignity finds its (firm) root in

Thus it is that dignity finds its (firm) root in its (previous)
meanness, and what is lofty finds its stability in the lowness (from

which it rises) Hence princes and kings call themselves 'Orphans,'

'Men of small virtue,' and as 'Carriages without a nave' Is not this

an acknowledgment that in their considering themselves mean they see

the foundation of their dignity? So it is that in the enumeration of

the different parts of a carriage we do not come on what makes it

answer the ends of a carriage They do not wish to show themselves

elegant-looking as jade, but (prefer) to be coarse-looking as an

(ordinary) stone

Thus it is that a great state, by condescending to Thus it is that firmness and strength are the concomitants facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail