The King's Gift

The king, having taken his refuge in the Buddha, invited the

Tathagata to his palace, saying: "Will the Blessed One consent to

take his meal with me to-morrow together with the fraternity of


The next morning Seniya Bimbisara, the king, announced to the

Blessed One that it was time for taking food: "Thou art my most

welcome guest, O Lord of the world, come; the meal is prepared."

And the Blessed One having donned his robes, took his alms-bowl

and, together with a great number of bhikkhus, entered the city

of Rajagaha.

Sakka, the king of the Devas, assuming the appearance of a young

Brahman, walked in front, and said:

"He who teaches self-control with those who have learned

self-control; the redeemer with those whom he has redeemed; the

Blessed One with those to whom he has given peace, is entering

Rajagaha! Hail to the Buddha, our Lord! Honor to his name and

blessings to all who take refuge in him." And Sakka intoned this


"So blest is an age in which Buddhas arise,

So blest is the truth's proclamation.

So blest is the Sangha, concordant and wise,

So blest a devout congregation!

"And if by all the truth were known,

More seeds of kindness would be sown,

And richer crops of good deeds grown."

When the Blessed One had finished his meal, and had cleansed his

bowl and his hands, the king sat down near him and thought:

"Where may I find a place for the Blessed One to live in, not too

far from the town and not too near, suitable for going and

coming, easily accessible to all people who want to see him, a

place that is by day not too crowded and by night not exposed to

noise, wholesome and well fitted for a retired life? There is my

pleasure-garden, the bamboo grove Veluvana, fulfilling all these

conditions. I shall offer it to the brotherhood whose head is the


The king dedicated his garden to the brotherhood, saying: "May

the Blessed One accept my gift."

Then the Blessed One, having silently shown his consent and

having gladdened and edified the Magadha king by religious

discourse, rose from his seat and went away.

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