The Listless Fool

There was a rich Brahman, well advanced in years, who, unmindful

of the impermanence of earthly things and anticipating a long

life, had built himself a large house.

The Buddha wondered why a man so near to death had built a

mansion with so many apartments, and he sent Ananda to the rich

Brahman to preach to him the four noble truths and the eightfold

path of salvation.

The Brahman showed Ananda his house and explained to him the

purpose of its numerous chambers, but to the instruction of the

Buddha's teachings he gave no heed.

Ananda said: "It is the habit of fools to say, 'I have children

and wealth.' He who says so is not even master of himself; how

can he claim possession of children, riches, and servants? Many

are the anxieties of the worldly, but they know nothing of the

changes of the future."

Scarcely had Ananda left, when the old man was stricken with

apoplexy and fell dead. The Buddha said, for the instruction of

those who were ready to learn: "A fool, though he live in the

company of the wise, understands nothing of the true doctrine, as

a spoon tastes not the flavor of the soup. He thinks of himself

only, and unmindful of the advice of good counsellors is unable

to deliver himself."

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