The Sermon On Charity

Anathapindika rejoiced at the words of the Blessed One and said:

"I dwell at Savatthi, the capital of Kosala, a land rich in

produce and enjoying peace. Pasenadi is the king of the country,

and his name is renowned among our own people and our neighbors.

Now I wish to found there a vihara which shall be a place of

religious devotion for your brotherhood, and I pray you kindly to

accept it."

The Buddha saw into the heart of the supporter of orphans; and

knowing that unselfish charity was the moving cause of his offer,

in acceptance of the gift, the Blessed One said:

"The charitable man is loved by all; his friendship is prized

highly; in death his heart is at rest and full of joy, for he

suffers not from repentance; he receives the opening flower of

his reward and the fruit that ripens from it.

"Hard it is to understand: By giving away our food, we get more

strength, by bestowing clothing on others, we gain more beauty;

by donating abodes of purity and truth, we acquire great


"There is a proper time and a proper m ode in charity just as the

vigorous warrior goes to battle, so is the man; who is able to

give. He is like an able warrior, a champion strong and wise in


"Loving and compassionate he gives with reverence and banishes

all hatred, envy, and anger.

"The charitable man has found the path of salvation. He is like

the man who plants a sapling, securing thereby the shade, the

flowers, and the fruit in future years. Even so is the result of

charity, even so is the joy of him who helps those that are in

need of assistance; even so is the great Nirvana.

"We reach the immortal path only by continuous acts of kindliness

and we perfect our souls by compassion and charity."

Anathapindika invited Sariputta to accompany him on his return to

Kosala and help him in selecting a pleasant site for the vihara.

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