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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

It is on such considerations that I have come to hold that all

real fear-FEELING should and may be banished from our life, and

that what we call "normal fear" should be substituted in our

language by "instinct" or by "reason," the element of fear being

dropped altogether

"Everyone can testify that the psychical state called fear

consists of mental representations of certain painful results"<
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(James) The mental representations may be very faint as such, but

the idea of hurt to self is surely present If, then, it can be

profoundly believed that the real self cannot be hurt; if the

reason can be brought to consider vividly and believingly all

quieting considerations; if the self can be held consciously in

the assurance that the White Life surrounds the true self, and is

surely within that self, and will suffer "no evil to come nigh,"

while all the instincts of self--preservation may be perfectly

active, fear itself must be removed "as far as the east is from

the west"

This splendid conviction I earnestly commend to all readers

These are the ways, then, in which any occasion for fear may be


As a warning and as a maker of panic But let us say that the

warning should be understood as given to reason, that fear need

not appear at all, and that the panic is perfectly useless pain

With these discriminations in mind, we may now go on to a