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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

The route by which we approach the pinnacle of MASTERY OF SELF now

takes a new turn It is neither that of Business and Financial

achievement, as we studied in the First Division of the course,

nor is it that of Success and Magnetism as was taught in the

Second Division For many students we now come to the real battle-

ground where they must wage the fight for supremacy The final

lessons group under the gen

There is an insidious foe to mastery and freedom, which dooms

millions to self-imposed bondage Most people know it has them in

its grip; countless others do not know what the hidden power is

which holds them from the richer, freer, happier conditions of


This foe is FEAR It assumes numerous disguises It appears in

many phases of our daily lives It has done more to wreck careers

and ruin happiness than all the wars of history Hordes of earth

toilers believe themselves beyond its influence--while all the

time it is riding their backs and laughing at them

One reason for this is the common misunderstanding of what fear

really is Most people think of it only as fearing to meet certain

people, or fearing some accident may happen to them or their loved

ones Yet there are fears of the future, fears of one's self,

fears of events, fears of natural phenomena, fears of old age,

fears of poverty And there are still more hidden, stunting fears

developed by the un-religious teachings of blind, bigoted, crafty


Therefore our higher advance to MASTERY OF SELF is up the steps of

the following lessons, in which the underlying note is the

everlasting declaration, "I AM COURAGE! WHATEVER BETIDES, THE TRUE