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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

And when fear vanishes, replaced by the WHITE LIFE, selfishness

will die as impossible, and thought will no longer be false for

the reason that only truth will be possessed

If the whole world, then, would but thrust out fear and receive

the spirit of courage, I do not know any "evils" that could endure

a century

And if you who read these pages will but swing up to the WHITE-<
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LIFE harmony-plane, Health, Happiness and Power must be yours as

surely as air rushes into a broken vacuum If you ask, "What are

the limits of this truth?" I answer, "I don't know" To speak

otherwise would be mere speculation I affirm the great truth: All

things are yours That YOU, if stricken through and through with

dis-harmony, may be ABLE to receive ALL you crave, I may not

affirm Nevertheless, it is permitted to say:" Launch out! Launch

out in the New Thought of Life, and receive, as you do so,

whatever is rightly your own, as you are increasingly able to do


Man has banished many of his fears already It is not a long run

of the centuries since he quaked before the gloom of the forest,

the solitude of the hills, the fog of the vast sea, and, creating

innumerable gods and devils by that wizard of distortion, the

imagination, lodged them in every object of existence under and in

the heavens He has gotten rid of these

But when we observe the fear of water, the fear of tornadoes, the

fear of lightning, the fear of fire, the fear of disease, the fear

of accident, the fear of death, the fear of ridicule, the fear of

public opinion, the fear of bankruptcy, the fear of self, the fear

for self, the fear of others, the fear of failure, the fear of

devils, the fear of a vindictive God, the fear of the future, the

fear of a hell--Oh, then, we know that the sun of light is not at

his meridian height We can yet get rid of these also This is one

of the world's tasks This is your task, if you would make the

most of your self and life

"There is yet very much land to be possessed" No one will possess

all of that land in the present stage of existence Some will be

able to claim more than others, but they will err if they assume

themselves to be favorites, and the "others" will do worse than

err if they complain, "We, alas, are down on our luck" Be assured

of one thing: all may be rid of their fears and the whole mass of

distress induced by fears All may acquire dauntless yet serene

courage In that state, if it be of the highest, as it may be,

will come to them a peace, a happiness, an influx of buoyancy, a

confidence, a sense of well-being, the like of which they have

never known