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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

I request you to define it--configure the wonder

Of this dust-common, beneficent Gift

Who lacks it, he knows quite precisely his want;

Who has it divulges precisely the thing

Yet never man--scientist, poet, physician--

In words can portray it--the Soul of the Cell,

THAT lurks only in spheres of the Substance of Life;

Fares past the quartz and hides in the throat of the wearer<
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Shuns diamond glory for greater of flesh;

Builds higher and higher to balance unstable

In beauty of male and in exquisite female,

And sends through the intricate meshwork of cells--

Sheer matter, kin of this quartz--

Its evidence: light-hue, radiance crimson,

Eye-gleam, pulse-throb, vigor and nerve-thrill

Of just that common, miraculous Gift,

HEALTH of a body wherein dwells soul

THERE, say I, the Infinite worked well!

Come now to YOU the artisan's skill for this marvel,

Physical man: to refine and ennoble;

To reveal the inclosure of spirit unmarred,

And grow in the mobile, responsive flesh

Mind perfect, held fast in OUR Crystal superb,

The Universe complete