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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

Magnetism entertains no unnecessary thought of evil concerning


It is altogether superior to low-minded revenge

It never reveals personal embarrassment

It permits no show of irritation

It is incapable of losing temper

It refuses to exhibit hostility

It never admits, never discloses, def

The magnetic person never shows indifference toward others

Magnetism conceals the feelings of ridicule and contempt

If you are magnetic, you never indulge in violence

You neither look for slights and insults, nor do you feel

them, unless they are persistently thrust upon you

You are invited to resolve upon the increase of your circle of

friends, and never to lose an opportunity of winning a well-


This means, of course, that you retain every friend secured,

if possible in self-respect--which should not be unduly rigid

The instant recognition of faces and recollection of names is

intensely magnetic

Magnetism ignores all caste distinctions, and is friendly

toward all

If you would be magnetic in personal relations, you must

splendidly believe both in yourself and in other people

The general magnetic attitude is a close compound of the

magnetic thought and the success-thought, buoyant in hope and

courage and bound together by the magnetic will

In the use of this attitude, every obligation should be

regarded as profoundly sacred The magnetic person cannot be

careless in this respect

This book has all along insisted that magnetic success

imperatively demands the life of highest honor

Above all, you are again urged to banish from the inner self

fear, worry, discouragement, depression, and every such enemy to

peace and power There is in your mind an UPPER LEVEL; LIVE IN

THAT When worry and the like appear, you will find them occupying

the lower level and absorbing your attention You should instantly

force consciousness to the higher ground, expelling these enemies

and holding up to the better mood This is the one secret of

victory over the king's foes The author guarantees the remedy in

any case that is not fit for the hospital

In the conduct of life, the magnetic person sets before the

mind a definite goal, either life-long or particular, and adheres

thereto with bulldog pertinacity

And he, therefore, wastes no values, but economizes all

He saves part of his earnings; he carries his money in his

pocket-book, not loosely

But he has the wisdom to recreate, to rest the body, to ease

the mind, to take needed breathing-spells for magnetic increase