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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self


endowment latent in every normal person emerge only through

prolonged effort in the culture of magnetism

SECOND LAW: DIFFICULT ENVIRONMENT Magnetism develops in direct

proportion to the difficulty of environment

THIRD LAW: MAGNETIC INTENTION Magnetism evolves solely through

multiplication of endowment into environment b
the persistent

magnetic intention

FOURTH LAW: FREE ADJUSTMENT The culture of magnetism imperatively

demands that central adjustment of the self to all powers which

realizes in absolute psychic freedom

FIFTH LAW: CONCENTRATION The magnetic multiplication of endowment

into environment is only possible to intense, persistent and

unified concentration to the methods of Success-Magnetism

SIXTH LAW: PURPOSE-IDEALS Growth of noblest magnetism depends, in

the larger sense, upon general adherence to a single, preeminent,

ideal life-purpose, and, in the particular sense, upon

specialization of the individual in studied magnetic conduct

related to that end

SEVENTH LAW: RECEPTIVITY The highest magnetism realizes through

magnetic laws in proportion as the inner self maintains alert

receptivity to the Universal Forces

EIGHTH LAW: DEMAND The silent, persistent demand of the self upon

the Universal Magnetism makes it a center toward which the Forces

naturally gravitate

NINTH LAW: AFFIRMATION Continuous, intense affirmation of actual

possessed magnetic power stimulates the success-elements,

maintains receptivity, emphasizes demand, harmonizes and

intensifies inner etheric vibrations, and induces a positive

movement of the universal ether and its forces inward toward the

central self

TENTH LAW: PSYCHIC ENERGY All personal magnetism involves psychic

energy developed and directed by magnetic intention

ELEVENTH LAW: SELF-CONTROL Magnetic energy concentrates through

psychic control of its tendencies

TWELFTH LAW: MAGNETIC QUALITY The inner psychic attitude--the

character of magnetic intention--determines the quality and

effectiveness of the effort to multiply endowment into

environment, and, therefore, the kind and degree of magnetism


THIRTEENTH LAW: SELF-VALUATION Other things being equal,

magnetism unfolds as gratifying, but unostentatious, self-

valuation develops

FOURTEENTH LAW: USE OF SELF Under conformity to other magnetic

laws, the highest magnetism issues only from the constant best use

of self at its best to the best advantage

FIFTEENTH LAW: MAGNETIC HEROISM Self-pity, complaint, and all

kindred states, confuse, weaken and waste every variety of

magnetic power, while heroic acceptance of conditions for their

betterment, and courageous assertion of self as master, conserve

and enormously develop the noblest magnetism in proportion to the

sway of the magnetic intention

SIXTEENTH LAW: ACTION AND REACTION Highest magnetism involves not

only studied cultivation, but, as well, the magnetic utilization

of stimulating reactions induced by intelligent employment

SEVENTEENTH LAW: RECOVERY Whoever, on occasion of any psychic

(magnetic) failure or defeat, dedicates the whole of aroused

desperation to recovery of ground, infallibly induces a stress in

the etheric life around him which ultimately draws to his aid,

with the onsweep of worlds, the Universal Forces

EIGHTEENTH LAW: REPRODUCTION "Everything is transmitted,

everything is transformed, everything is reproduced" (Ochorowicz);

in physical and psychic health alone, therefore, are the Universal

Forces transmitted through perfect etheric vibrations, transformed

through effective etheric conduction, and reproduced in magnetism

by adequate and harmonious psychic control of etheric



natural magnetism, the automatic functions of unconscious

magnetism, demonstrate at their best solely as they climax in full

conscious magnetic culture