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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

Let us finally understand In applied magnetism, you simply

harmonize the etheric states of others with those of yourself, and

convey to them through the ethereal medium the purpose of your

will The FIRST condition of success here is agreeableness, the

SECOND consists in tact and perseverance, the THIRD is will-power

--not brutal will-force, but magnetic power of will

In all application of ma
netism to persons, you are urged to

remember that your very first goal, always and preeminently, is an

agreeable feeling within their minds You should never try to

induce a person to act your way until you have thoroughly

established in him a good feeling toward yourself This is the

prime initial step When such a condition has been secured, you

are then ready for the magnetic assault--and then only

When you are dealing with other people, endeavoring magnetically

to win them to your wish, you should summon the general magnetic

feeling within yourself, will them to do as you desire, and at the

same time think of them as already consenting and acting Your

inner condition should be perfectly calm, buoyant, hopeful,

whatever the external means employed, your mind should be

concentrated upon the thing desired, and its accomplishment should

be thought of as now secured The response of the person may be

delayed, but this should not discourage you, for some minds do not

take suggestions (those of your unspoken will are referred to)

quickly, and they do not act instantly upon their own thought It

is invariably best to induce people to believe that they are

acting on their personal impulse or judgment; they should be made

to feel perfectly free, not at all coerced, and that they are

doing their own will rather than yours--simply because they wish

so to do

We may summarize all these suggestions in the words of a

distinguished scientific writer:

"Life is not a bully who swaggers out into the open universe,

upsetting the laws of energy in all directions, but rather a

consummate strategist, who, sitting in his secret chamber over his

wires, directs the movements of a great army" This is a good

description of magnetism