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Books: The Power of Concentration

Through our paltry stir and strife, Glows the wished Ideal, And

longing molds in clay, what life Carves in the marble


We often hear people spoken of as idealists. The fact is we are

all idealists to a certain extent, and upon the ideals we picture

depends our ultimate success. You must have the mental image if

you are to produce the material thing. Everything is first
/> created in the mind. When you control your thoughts you become a

creator. You receive divine ideas and shape them to your

individual needs. All things of this world are to you just what

you think they are. Your happiness and success depend upon your


You are responsible for every condition you go through, either

consciously or unconsciously. The next step you take determines

the succeeding step. Remember this; it is a valuable lesson. By

concentrating on each step as you go along, you can save a lot of

waste steps and will be able to choose a straight path instead of

a roundabout road.

Concentrate Upon Your Ideals and They Will Become Material

Actualities. Through concentration we work out our ideals in

physical life. Your future depends upon the ideals you are

forming now. Your past ideals are determining your present.

Therefore, if you want a bright future, you must begin to prepare

for it today.

If persons could only realize that they can only injure

themselves, that when they are apparently injuring others they

are really injuring themselves, what a different world this would


We say a man is as changeable as the weather. What is meant is

his ideals change. Every time you change your ideal you think

differently. You become like a rudderless boat on an ocean.

Therefore realize the importance of holding to your ideal until

it becomes a reality.

You get up in the morning determined that nothing will make you

lose your temper. This is your ideal of a person of real strength

and poise. Something takes place that upsets you completely and

you lose your temper. For the time being you forget your ideal.

If you had just thought a second of what a well-poised person

implies you would not have become angry. You lose your poise when

you forget your ideal. Each time we allow our ideals to be

shattered we also weaken our will-power. Holding to your ideals

develops will-power. Don't forget this.

Why do so many men fail? Because they don't hold to their ideal

until it becomes a mental habit. When they concentrate on it to

the exclusion of all other things it becomes a reality.

"I am that which I think myself to be."

Ideals are reflected to us from the unseen spirit. The laws of

matter and spirit are not the same. One can be broken, but not

the other. To the extent that ideals are kept is your future


It was never intended that man should suffer. He has brought it

upon himself by disobeying the laws of nature. He knows them so

cannot plead ignorance. Why does he break them? Because he does

not pay attention to those ideals flashed to him from the

Infinite Spirit.

Life is but one continuous unfoldment, and you can be happy every

step of the way or miserable, as you please; it all depends upon

how we entertain those silent whisperings that come from we know

not where. We cannot hear them with mortal ear, but from the

silence they come as if they were dreams, not to you or me alone,

but to everyone. In this way the grandest thoughts come to us, to

use or abuse. So search not in treasured volumes for noble

thoughts, but within, and bright and glowing vision will come to

be realized now and hereafter.

You must give some hours to concentrated, consistent, persistent

thought. You must study yourself and your weaknesses.

No man gets over a fence by wishing himself on the other side. He

must climb.

No man gets out of the rut of dull, tiresome, monotonous life by

merely wishing himself out of the rut. He must climb.

If you are standing still, or going backward, there is something

wrong. You are the man to find out what is wrong.

Don't think that you are neglected, or not understood, or not


Such thoughts are the thoughts of failure.

Think hard about the fact that men who have got what you envy got

it by working for it.

Don't pity yourself, criticise yourself.

You know that the only thing in the world that you have got to

count upon is yourself.