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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

Let your soul be saturated, with the sure conviction that fear is

an alien in the world-system of life, having no proper place nor

legitimate rights therein, and meanwhile resolutely set about the

task of cultivating in every possible way the permanent habit-

spirit of courageous living

This book was written for the sole purpose of suggesting definite

methods by which such courage-habit may
e developed In order

that our practical methods may be understood, it is now necessary

to analyze the subject of fear in its general outlines

It is important to remember that the warnings of reason, sometimes

called normal fears, may have actual causes outside the mind and

are rightly proportioned thereto and to possible consequences,

while real fear is due to causes not based in reality, or, if so

based, is permitted to agitate the mind in a way not warranted by

possible consequences viewed by a rational, well-balanced life

Our analysis, then, exhibits fear where reason ought to appear, in