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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

I hold that the world to-day, more perfectly than ever before, is

urging an accurate adjustment of the human soul to truth--that

which alone the body demands for health, the mind for development,

the deeper self for peace and power

The old adjustments no longer satisfy Truth is, indeed, eternal,

but our relation must keep pace with it as we swing through the

vast heavens of time The photographs of yesterday do not speak

correctly for to-day We do not deny the stars; we only deny the

science that is past

This adjustment is a huge PRAYER It is a request for truth, in a

sense, but for truth only And it is an ASSURANCE It expects the

truth Now, that is the best kind of praying I know--Expectation

in Adjustment

When you plant your seed or properly place your telescope, you

have created adjustment, and you expect harvest and picture