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To Fires, Waters, Plants

Books: Sacred Books Of The East

We worship thee, the Fire, O Ahura Mazda's son! We worship the fire

Berezi-savangha (of the lofty use), and the fire Vohu-fryana (the good

and friendly), and the fire Urva-zista (the most beneficial and most

helpful), and the fire Vazista (the most supporting), and the fire

Spenista (the most bountiful), and Nairya-sangha the Yazad of the royal

lineage, and that fire which is the house-lord of all houses and

even the son of Ahura Mazda, the holy lord of the ritual

order, with all the fires. And we worship the good and best waters

Mazda-made, holy, all the waters Mazda-made and holy, and all the plants

which Mazda made, and which are holy. And we worship the Mathra-spenta

(the bounteous word-of-reason), the Zarathustrian law against the Devas,

and its long descent. And we worship Mount Ushi-darena which is

Mazda-made and shining with its holiness, and all the mountains shining

with holiness, and of abundant glory, and which Mazda made. And we

worship the good and pious prayer for blessings, and these waters and

these lands, and all the greatest chieftains, lords of the ritual order;

and I praise, invoke, and glorify the good, heroic, bountiful Fravashis

of the saints, those of the house, the Vis, the Zantuma, the Dahvyuma,

and the Zarathustrotema, and all the holy Yazads!