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A Party In Search Of A Thief

Having sent out his disciples, the Blessed One himself wandered

from place to place until he reached Uruvela.

On his way he sat down in a grove to rest, and it happened that

in that same grove there was a party of thirty friends who were

enjoying themselves with their wives; and while they were

sporting, some of their goods were stolen.

Then the w
ole party went in search of the thief and, meeting the

Blessed One sitting under a tree, saluted him and said: "Pray,

Lord, didst thou see the thief pass by with our goods?"

And the Blessed One said: "Which is better for you, that you go

in search for the thief or for yourselves?" And the youths cried:

"In search for ourselves!"

"Well, then," said the Blessed One, "sit down and I will preach

the truth to you."

And the whole party sat down and they listened eagerly to the

words of the Blessed One. Having grasped the truth, they praised

the doctrine and took refuge in the Buddha.