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A Prayer For Sanctity And Its Benefits

Books: Sacred Books Of The East

I pray with benedictions for a benefit, and for the good, even for the

entire creation of the holy and the clean; I beseech for them the

generation which is now alive, for that which is just coming into life,

and for that which shall be hereafter. And I pray for that sanctity

which leads to prosperity, and which has long afforded shelter, which

goes on hand in hand with it, which joins it in its walk, and of itself

ming its close companion as it delivers forth its precepts, bearing

every form of healing virtue which comes to us in waters, appertains to

cattle, or is found in plants, and overwhelming all the harmful malice

of the Devas, and their servants who might harm this dwelling and its

lord, bringing good gifts, and better blessings, given very early, and

later gifts, leading to successes, and for a long time giving shelter.

And so the greatest, and the best, and most beautiful benefits of

sanctity fall likewise to our lot for the sacrifice, homage,

propitiation, and the praise of the Bountiful Immortals, for the

bringing prosperity to this abode, and for the prosperity of the entire

creation of the holy, and the clean, and as for this, so for the

opposition of the entire evil creation. And I pray for this as I praise

through Righteousness, I who am beneficent, those who are likewise of a

better mind.