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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

"EVIL" is derangement in individual life induced by individual and

world-thought gone wrong As such derangement "evil" is real, but

this reality is not necessary or essential, and it may be banished

totally and forever

DISEASE is dis-easement of the matter of a body induced by dis-

easement of soul in a body The self creates or builds its own

body, and the condition of the self determines th
condition of

the body In "Power For Success" I have stated what I believe to

be the growing conviction in this regard "The sound body is a

perfect material expression of the Universal Forces playing into

its field, and its physical character is determined by the psychic

character of its owner" "In a state of health, all physical

movements must necessarily cooperate harmoniously with one another

and with the Universal Forces"

What we call MIND is a collection of powers organized for use by

the self, and these powers are rightly developed only by the good,

the true, the beautiful If the feeling of goodness, or of

trueness, or of beauty, is deep within the subconscious phase of

the self, mind-life exhibits as mental health Mental health is a

universal right

The "SPIRIT"--not to refine on philosophy--is the real self which

builds body and may unfold mind The highest state of the

individual, therefore, is religious at the top This is

spirituality But the only conceivable essential to spirituality

is a belief in, and an intelligent (truth-using) surrender to, the

White Life--conceived in one's own way--for harmony and oneness


HAPPINESS consists in being consciously harmonized with the true,

the good and the beautiful It is not necessary, however, although

it is, of course, better, to know these words The child vibrates

with goodness without understanding the name "goodness" And so