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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

The INTELLECT coldly reflects What Is:

An icy, crystalline lake portraying earth and sky

In shadows beautiful as death--

And void of pulse, or warmth, or music of good life

This is no Eye with which to view the world!

The SOUL reflects the universe

With ECSTASIES of heat, of hue, of harmony!

Its INNER gaze creating Life in Fact,

So, robing sheer Reality in color

Giving it Voice, forming within it Heart,

And vitalizing All with Feeling--Being's blood

This is our Eye, viewing the world it builds

Fear blurs that Eye, while Reason clears:

Pure mind lacks Passion adding values to existence;

(Who loves mere ghost--flowers born of moonlight?)

Pure Feeling lacks in REASON, needing values,

And, lacking so, fills Eye of Soul with fantasies,

With wild distortions of imagination's lust

(Who loves the fire--hued, smoke blooms of Hell's Land?)

And always Fear feeds Feeling's grotesque growths

Till Soul's Eye on its own creation looks

As on eternal Truth

Then Truth and Nature, Deity and Man

Evolve dread enmity and horrors multiple,

And Soul flees terror-stricken on to Death

Oh, I will rule heart's Feeling for good Life,

Given Soul's Mind for this--naught else:

That Reason may re--think the Beautiful and Happiness

And see eternal Truth and Truth-Fact as my lovers--

Veracious Guardian Angels guiding all my way--

Cooperative, like the brain and heart of body,

To lead my soul on Courage (not on Death)

And make me worth the skill

Of the illimitable years--a Mind--Man, whole!