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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

Hypnotism and magnetism are widely separated

Psychic healing occupies another field

Clairaudience and clairvoyance are not utilizable by magnetism

Telepathy and psychometry are related to its etheric explanation


Mediumship is totally independent of it

In other words, personal magnetism in operation requires NONE of
br /> these talents, except, perhaps, telepathy and genuine palmistry--

the study of hands as indicative physiologically (not occultly) of

present character (not past or future events)

It is a noble characteristic of personal magnetism that, while

issuing in and from the subconscious self, its real instruments

are the everyday body, the everyday mind, the everyday self, as

its real field is the everyday, objective world, big with

opportunity, adequate to the splendid development of any human



OR BEFOG YOUR PRACTICAL LIFE All things are his who steadfastly

remembers that "life is real, life is earnest" Magnetism is

sanity at work It is unalterably opposed to runaway fads,

chimerical visions, unstrung nerves, mental aberration, psychic

gourmandism Magnetism is practical cooperation with level-headed

people who are bent on making the best of self and the world

through created opportunity

For these reasons, you cannot study magnetism too deeply nor

practise it too faithfully Its legitimate culture will harm none,

will benefit all

To him who possesses any occult power and uses it nobly, this book

extends congratulations

How May Contentment Dull My Zeal

If one small fact my mind could know

Of matter or of spirit,--

Within, without, above, below,

And never neighbor near it,--

This tiny thing a Universe would be,

Clear as Arabian caves to Sesame

Then should I scan the littlest laws

Their mightier kin unfolding,

Detect the essence of all Cause

And see the Cosmos molding;

Then should I run, a new-born god, the race

Begun with thought, complete in planet-space

How might one stay the perfect quest

In surfeit of succeeding?

This were a weak and venal rest--

Vast yonder-wealth unheeding

This were to make of Knowing that high goal

Which truth declares is Culturing a Soul

How may contentment dull my zeal,

With range on range uprising,

While growing power to know and feel

Adds to the soul's sure prizing?

Let me, one god, like Him, the Infinite All,

In each achievement hear the Higher Call



Relays of races, rugged and long,

Up the peaks rising and blending!

Wine for the daring, meat for the strong,

Power with toil contending!

"Higher! Yet higher!" the man's full song--

"Never a last ascending!"


Scattered here and there through the preceding pages, various laws

of magnetism have appeared We now proceed to formulate certain

other laws that have been involved in our discussion, but not, for

the most part, expressed as such These laws are of an advanced

order, and should be exhaustively studied in the interest of the

highest magnetic intelligence and power Necessarily this work

must be purely individual and cannot be specifically directed We

begin with