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Books: Light of Egypt

Words are the symbols of ideas, and bear the same correspondence

to the physical brain as matter does to spirit, a medium of

expression, and are subject to continual change in their

application and meaning, in exact proportion to the changing

mental and moral condition of the people. As the planet, as well

as man, is continually progressing, so must there be a higher and

nobler conception of ideas. Hence, words or expr
ssions must

change, to convey the progressive spirit, that is constantly

taking place. Therefore, it is always interesting, as well as

valuable, for the Occult student to go to the root of each word

connected with his philosophy, in order to learn the real sense

in which the word was used by the ancients, from whom his mystic

lore has descended. The true meaning, as well as the words

themselves, have become as mystical as the lore itself. Hence,

each student must commence as a beginner in any foreign language,

which he does not at present understand. In following this method

of procedure he will, at least, escape the dense and interminable

confusion of modern opinions upon subjects of which the writers

thereof, are partially or wholly ignorant.

No better illustration of this can be afforded than by the word

"Talisman," derived from the Greek verb "teleo," which means,

primarily, to accomplish, or bring into effect. But, in its real,

and therefore higher, sense, it means to dedicate, consecrate,

and initiate into the arcana of the temple mysteries. But, in the

present day it means a piece of imposture, connected with some

magical hocus pocus of the ignorant and superstitious mind, a

vulgar charm, that is supposed to bring the owner thereof some

material benefit, irrespective of his mental, magnetic, and moral

condition, "and," says the learned Webster, after describing his

idea of such things, "they consist of three sorts, astronomical,

magical and mixed." But in what sense the "astronomical" differed

from the "magical" we are not informed, nor is any light thrown

upon the peculiar nature of that class designated as "mixed." In

fact, the lexicographer so mixes up his definitions that, we are

unable to distinguish anything in particular, but his own

individual ignorance.

So it has become, in every branch of learning. Words and their

meanings have become so mixed in their use and application, that,

the world is full of discords and misunderstandings, which lead

into dissensions and contention, among all schools of thought,

sects, and isms; and lastly, though not the least serious, it has

reached into the close relations of the human family.

All writers and speakers, as well as the readers and listeners,

should acquaint themselves with the derivation and meaning of


The fact stands very clearly defined that, Talismans are confused

in the minds of the present generation with magical charms, which

depend for their effects, upon the power of the idea or thought,

which the formulating magician impresses upon the substance of

which they are composed. If the magical artist be expert, and

endowed with an exceedingly potent will, his charm may become

very powerful, when worn by the person for whom it was prepared.

But, if this one grand essential be lacking, no amount of

cabalistical figures and sacred names will have any effect,

because, there can be no potency in symbols apart from the ideas

and mental force they are capable of arousing in the mind of the

maker. Solomon's Seal is no more powerful, when drawn upon virgin

parchment, with a weak will, or in a mechanical state of mind,

than a child's innocent scribbling upon its slate. But, if the

artist realizes the mysteries symbolized by the interlacing

triangles, and can place his soul en rapport with the invisible

elements they outwardly represent; then, powerful effects are

often produced.

I am sorry to say that, the knowledge of charms is not confined

to the creation of beneficial talismans. Its perversion has led

to the diabolical practices of the Voodo and Black Magician,

whose work is wholly, either for gain or revenge. Nothing, but

the most extreme selfishness lies beneath such immoral practices,

but, as there must be a light to reflect a shadow, so a charm

must follow a talisman. Magical charms, then, are simply natural

objects, possessing but little active virtue in themselves, but,

owing to the mediumistic nature of their substances, are endowed

with artificial powers, of temporary duration, by virtue of the

idea and thought impressed upon them, through the mental magic of

the maker; and in this sense, a charm must be clearly

distinguished from "teleo," the Talisman. The very names suggest

their difference, and, above all other men, students in Occultism

should strive to become thoroughly educated in the true sense of

the term, MEN OF LETTERS, by virtue of (as Ruskin calls it) "the

kingship of words." "Charm" is derived from the Latin "carmen," a

song that fascinates, and means to control by incantation, to

subdue; while Teleo concerns the secret powers and wisdom of

consecration and initiation. It is because of modern misuse of

antique terms that, we have considered this somewhat lengthy

explanation necessary, in order to clear away the accumulated

debris of the ages, from the true foundation of our present


A Talisman is a natural object, containing the elemental forces

of its own degree of life, in a state of intense activity, and

capable of responding to the corresponding quality of life,

OUTSIDE OF ITSELF, that emanates from the same spiritual state,

either by sympathetic vibration or antagonistic currents, the

nature, power, quality, and degree of life, which the various

natural objects represent, being a part of the temple curriculum

of initiation. Hence, the name, by which the latent power of

these natural objects became known, was in strict harmony with

the facts involved.

In order to prevent any possible misconception upon the subject,

let us briefly restate the definition in a different way: A

Talisman is the exact antipodes of a charm. This latter is the

artful and temporary result of man's mental power; the former,

the natural production of universal Nature, and as permanent and

enduring as the substance of which it is composed, DURING THE

PRESENT CYCLE. And yet in some sense, it may be quite correct to

say that, a Talisman ACTS LIKE A CHARM, and vice versa, that

charms ACT LIKE A TALISMAN, providing that, the real vital

difference between them, is maintained in the statement.

Now that we have our subject clearly defined, let us carefully

examine HOW AND IN WHAT SENSE a given natural object becomes

Talismanic, for it must appear self-evident to all that, one and

the same substance cannot constitute a Talisman for everyone, and

for everything. They must naturally differ, as widely in their

nature and quality, as mankind differ in physical, mental, moral,

ethical, and temperamental, development. And, yet, though, man

may so differ from his fellow man; the ignorant Esquimau, killing

seals in his kayak, may belong to the same spiritual quality of

life as the Harvard professor, who obtains his subsistence by

daily discourse upon the sublime harmony of the infinitely small

with the infinitely great, throughout the manifested universe of

matter, and wherever we find this KINSHIP of the spirit, we shall

find the same identical Talisman acting alike upon each, whenever

they shall come en rapport with it. Mental, moral, and physical

development, never alter the real nature of the internal man.

Culture only brings to the surface, into active use, the latent

possibilities lying concealed within the human soul. It only

allows him to exercise his functions upon different planes, and

with different effect.

Every natural department of Nature corresponds to some peculiar

specific quality and degree of life. These have been divided, for

the sake of convenience, into four primary groups; and each group

again subdivided into three, corresponding to the four cardinal,

four succedent, and four cadent houses, of the astrological

chart; therefore, the twelve signs of the Zodiac; these

constituting the Cycle of Necessity within physical conditions,

wherein, the ever-measuring or decreeing tidal flow of life from

solar radiation throughout the year, represents the twelve groups

of humanity, of lower animated Nature, of vegetation, and

crystallized gems. Every human being is ushered into the world

under the direct influx of one or more of these celestial

divisions, and by virtue of the sign occupying the horizon at the

moment of birth, absorbs such influx, and becomes endowed with a

specific polarity, by virtue of which, lie ever afterward, during

such expression within physical conditions, inspires with every

breath, that specific life quality from the atmosphere,

corresponding to the same degree of the universal spirit.

Consequently, that gem, or those gems, representing and

corresponding to HIS HOUSE OF LIFE, become to him, a Talisman,

because of their relationship--their spiritual affinity. These

are all given in the second part of Vol. I. THE METALS never

become Talismanic, because of their comparatively negative degree

of life, and for this reason also, they make the most powerful

charms. Certain combinations of metals, and in proper

proportions, increase the potency and magnetic influence of a

charm; and here, too, the laws of antipathy and affinity come

into practical use.

A true expert will know his metals, or metal, and his client,

before commencing his magical work.

Those persons who derive most virtue from a Talisman are those

who belong to the most sensitive, or interior state, within such

degree of life, and who are dominated by one sign only. Thus, if

we find one sign occupying the whole of the House of Life, or

practically so, as when the first face of a sign ascends, we may

be sure, other things not interfering, that such a native will

receive great benefit from wearing its Talismanic gem. If a

person of good intellectual powers and sensitive spirituality, be

born when the lord of the ascendant occupies the RISING SIGN, as,

for instance, Mars in Aries, or Sun in Leo, we may be sure that,

the Talismanic gem, in their case, will be exceedingly powerful,

because, all the Astro-physical conditions are then most

favorable for the expression of natural forces, and, if worn

upon, or near that part of the body which the sign rules, the

power and influence is more powerful and beneficial.

In wearing them, take them to you as a part of yourself, a part

of your higher self, a thing to be heeded, listened to and

obeyed. They will usually make their presence most pronounced

when something arises to disturb the harmonious vibrations that

naturally and quietly go on between the person and the

interstellar spaces above. They are like the sensor and motor

nerves--they never make their presence known, except, when danger


Having explained in what sense gems become talismanic, we have

now to disclose the modus operandi--THE HOW.

The gems contain the life quality of their own astral nature.

Man, as a higher expression, only, of the same universal biune

life, contains the same. Like two electric currents, MAN, THE

POSITIVE POLE (comparatively), attracts unto himself THE MINERAL

LIFE OF THE GEM, which thus, becomes the negative pole. A

complete circuit is formed and maintained, as long as they remain

in contact. Gems belonging to a different quality of life, not

being en rapport with his astral state, have no good effect,

because, no current flows between them. Thus, the Talisman acts

in unison with the psychic, or soul-principle, of man, aiding the

organism to sustain health, stimulating the mental perceptions,

and spiritual intuition, and affording in a remarkable manner,

many premonitions of coming danger, when the individual is

sufficiently sensitive to perceive them. And now, per contra, as

there are gems that act in sympathy with man, there must be, and

in fact are, gems that act upon contrary principles; i.e.,

antagonistic, and these belong to purely antagonistic elements,

as Air to Earth and Fire to Water, unless the native be born

under BOTH forces, as Mars in Cancer rising, or the latter part

of one sign and nearly the whole of another of an opposite

nature, occupying the ascendant. Such natives are pure neutrals,

and such might wear the gems that belong to the most powerful

planet of the horoscope, or that triplicity holding the most

planets; then, they are usually combined, the planet and the


There are, of course, innumerable substances, more or less,

capable of talismanic virtue to particular individuals. But those

gems, and similar ones, that are given in "The Light of Egypt,"

Vol. I, are the most powerful. To these may be added the opal,

under Scorpio; the garnet, under Aries; and the turquoise, under

Cancer, when Saturn is therein; and the aquamarine, under Pisces;

and among the temporary talismans of vegetation we may add that,

the young shoots, bearing the flower and seed vessels, are the

portions of chief virtue, and the young shoots of trees. These

are often used in locating mines, wells, oils, etc., that lie

hidden beneath the surface of the earth, and in the hands of a

negative, sensitive person, seldom fail to reward the searcher

with success. These should always be gathered when their ruling

correspondences are rising, or, BETTER STILL, CULMINATING UPON

THE MERIDIAN. These will be explained in the chapter on The Magic


We have now reached the limits of our present study, and have

only to state that all gems, like the human organism, are in one

of three conditions: alive and conscious, asleep and UNCONSCIOUS,

or dead and powerless. These conditions can only be discovered,

in stones, by the trained lucid or the instructed neophyte.

Stones that are sleeping require to be awakened. This, also, can

only be done by the trained student or Adept. Those that are

dead, are USELESS as Talismans, no matter how beautiful they

appear as ornaments.

Gems and stones are also sexed, and those who wear them would

receive the best effect if they should wear those of opposite

sex, although either is powerfully potent in their influence upon

the individual. How very ignorant the children of men are, of the

subtle, silent, yet obedient servants, that everywhere, surround

them. Here, again, that Divine spark, which lies embedded within

the crystallized forces of Nature, is exerting its subtle,

spiritual influence, in making man's very selfishness, and love

of ornament and show, a means, to bring forth these silent

monitors, knowing ere long that, their true power and potency

will be known, and consciously utilized by him, as potent factors

in his soul's evolvement and physical development.

The twelve representative gems within the cold stratas of matter,

stand as the material representatives of their stellar

counterparts in the sky, and constitute the beautiful,

glittering, but crystallized, Zodiac of man's physical anatomy.