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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

I affirm truth to be my desire and possession

I affirm health to be my rightful claim

I affirm fearlessness of that which I have feared

I affirm cause and reason only for courage

I affirm that reason is independent of fear

I affirm my sovereign selfhood

I affirm that life is my perfect university

I affirm that I am success

I affirm that a part of the world's plenty is for me
I affirm myself the WHITE-LIFE equal of others

I affirm my real self impregnable to hurt

I affirm the Infinite Life to be my Friend

I affirm that spirituality is true freedom

I affirm myself the friend of the Infinite

I affirm that mine is the WHITE-LIFE

I affirm my independence of narrow creeds

I affirm buoyant happiness as my present possession

I am power!

I shall live and unfold forever

It may be that all this is strange thought to you, almost

meaningless, perhaps You are invited, therefore, to remember that

thousands of people have felt similarly at first, have then caught

a glimpse of the truth here and there, and finally have

experienced a wondrous recognition of the New Dawn which has now

surely come to the world It is significant that these are saying,

"There is nothing else worth while in the whole earth"

Two men were scraping paint from a house preparatory to putting

on a new coat of color, One of them who had been helped back from

mental unbalance, and helped solely by thought, broke a long

silence and said: "This is the whole thing" He referred to the

dawn of Real Life in himself

If, now, this chapter has seemed to broach the subject of

religion, remember, it does not deal with religion as you perhaps

know religion The only thing valuable in religion is the White

Life within the human self That alone is religion Call it what

you will And it means just that courage which makes us buoyantly

equal to any kind of life that is right The methods of this book

will prove of value to you, whether or no you go into the WHITE-

LIFE phase of existence But they will realize completest value if

you will swing at the start clean out into the one greatest