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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

"Let us not look at ourselves but onwards, and take strength from

the leaf and the signs of the field He is indeed despicable who

cannot look onwards to the ideal life of man Not to do so is to

deny our birthright of mind"--Thomas Coke Watkins

I am often asked, "Do you think the world is really becoming


My inmost self--the self I trust and try to assi
t--is sure that

the world is growing better, whatever the hampered intellect may

from time to time aver

For one thing, I FEEL that the world's mind is slowly yet swiftly

changing its adjustment to one supreme reality--Truth

Always have men believed that they desired only the truth, and

always have they sought and found it in part But then they have

immediately wrapped it in packages and stowed it in boxes with

elaborate labels Our nature craves reality, not wrappings and

tables of contents Therefore every age has torn off some of the

ancient outer things, and insisted at last on truth alone More

than during all the centuries before, men today demand reality--

just the essential reality a human soul craves, and can recognize,

and can use in the building of its life

Henry Drummond spoke of the adjustment which a great telescope

needs for photographing the stars Let us think of one fixed star

"No adjustment is ever required on behalf of the star That is one

great fixed point in this shifting universe But the WORLD MOVES

And each day, each hour, demands a further motion and adjustment

of the soul A telescope in an observatory follows a star by

clock-work, but the clock-work of the soul is the WILL" The world

and the man must WILL TO ADJUST TO TRUTH if they would really find

and know Truth