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To Indra And The Maruts

Books: Sacred Books Of The East

Those who stand around him while he moves on, harness the bright red

steed; the lights in heaven shine forth. They harness to the chariot on

each side his two favorite bays, the brown, the bold, who can carry the

hero. Thou who createst light where there was no light, and form, O men!

where there was no form, hast been born together with the dawns.

Thereupon they (the Maruts), according to their wont, assumed again the

form of new-born babes, taking their sacred name. Thou, O Indra, with

the swift Maruts, who break even through the stronghold, hast found even

in their hiding-place the bright ones. The pious singers have, after

their own mind, shouted towards the giver of wealth, the great, the

glorious Indra. Mayest thou, host of the Maruts, be verily seen coming

together with Indra, the fearless: you are both happy-making, and of

equal splendor. With the beloved hosts of Indra, with the blameless,

hasting (Maruts), the sacrificer cries aloud. From yonder, O traveller,

Indra, come hither, or from the light of heaven; the singers all yearn

for it;--or we ask Indra for help from here, or from heaven, or from

above the earth, or from the great sky.