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To The Earth And The Sacred Waters

Source: Sacred Books Of The East

And now we worship this earth which bears us, together with Thy wives, O
Ahura Mazda! yea, those Thy wives do we worship which are so desired
from their sanctity. We sacrifice to their zealous wishes, and their
capabilities, their inquiries, and their wise acts of pious reverence,
and with these their blessedness, their full vigor and good portions,
their good fame and ample wealth. O ye waters! now we worship you, you
that are showered down, and you that stand in pools and vats, and you
that bear forth our loaded vessels, ye female Ahuras of Ahura, you that
serve us in helpful ways, well forded and full-flowing, and effective
for the bathings, we will seek you and for both the worlds! Therefore
did Ahura Mazda give you names, O ye beneficent ones! when He who made
the good bestowed you. And by these names we worship you, and by them we
would ingratiate ourselves with you, and with them would we bow before
you, and direct our prayers to you with free confessions of our debt. O
waters, ye who are productive, and ye maternal ones, ye with heat that
suckles the frail and needy before birth, ye waters that have once been
rulers of us all, we will now address you as the best, and the most
bountiful; those are yours, those good objects of our offerings, ye long
of arm to reach our sickness, or misfortune, ye mothers of our life!

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